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Here are the Popular Songs that Often Appear on AyoDance

AyoDance is a PC game from South Korea which was released under the name Audition Online in 2004. In Indonesia, AyoDance was distributed by Megaxus in 2007. The game with a unique theme immediately attracted attention and became a boom. Once listened old Ayodance song collectionplayers who have jumped from the start will definitely feel remembered by this game.

Currently, you can also play AyoDance Audition using your cellphone. Launched under the name Au Mobile-Audition Indonesia, this game which is thick with music is licensed by goPlay. You can play 3 modes in this mobile version starting from classic, dance up and bubble.

Complete AyoDance Song List

Because this game involves music, there are lots of songs that have become popular because they appear frequently in the AyoDance game. It’s so famous, even people who don’t play the game can recognize it easily nice AyoDance song.

While reminiscing and playing the AyoDance game again on your PC or cellphone, let’s have a look AyoDance song list the following famous ones!

old Ayodance song collection

1. Free Style-Y (Please Tell Me Why)

The song in language with a sad melody was performed by a South Korean group, Freestyle. Even though it is a slow genre, many players use it when they are looking for a partner in the game. In addition, this song is also often used to build memorable moments during the game.

2. DJ Stevanus-Cing Cang Keling

Also known as CCK, this song has a high BPM (Beat Per Minute) value of 180. It’s not surprising that in AyoDance, quite a lot of players use it. You can also find an easier to play version with 90 BPM to practice with.

3. Kim Jong-kook-Lovable

Because AyoDance comes from South Korea, most of the famous songs in this game are from that country. One of them is sung by member Running Man, Kim Jong-kook. First released in 2005, this song is the same as Cing Cang Rivet which has a fairly high BPM. Because of that, many players have difficulty using this song. Even so, many pro players made Lovable as their favorite song.

4. Epic High-Umbrella

Presented by a music group fronted by Tablo et al, Umbrella is the favorite of players who already have a partner. With a BPM value of only 113, again this is very suitable to be played together by couples who want to improve skills they. This song is best played in Crazy Dance 8. Have you tried it?

5. Frieza-Crazy

Even though it has a short duration, many players often choose this song, especially when they want to show off their wedding rings. No wonder this song is also included in the list of the famous AyoDance songs.

6. 2NE1-Fire

This song by a girl band from YG Entertainment also has an explosive fast melody. Playing this song in the game will make you even more excited to improve skills.

7. Cool-Aloha

The song, which was released in 2001, also comes from South Korean musicians. Having a calming rhythm, Aloha is also often the choice of couples who want to play games together. For those of you who don’t know, Aloha has just been released in a remake version for soundtrack South Korean drama entitled Hospital Playlist.

8. Candy-I Wanna Be with You

If you’ve ever played AyoDance and are trying to find a partner, the song called I Wanna Be with You must be familiar. Because the beat is not too fast, again it is often used in Couple Room. When listening to this song, you will definitely remember the legendary sentence, “CC, do you wanna be my couple?”

9. Koyote-Spark

Koyote is a South Korean group consisting of Kim Jong-min, Bbaek Ga and Shin Ji. Carrying the genre dance and hiphop, their song titled Spark is also not to be missed from the list playlists ComeDance you. You can find this song in Koyote’s mini album, Ugly, which was released in 2010.

10. MC Mong ft Mellow-Sick Enough to Die

Having the real name Shin Dong-hyun, the name MC Mong is also familiar in the Korean music scene. One of the songs sung with Mellow is also often heard in the AyoDance game. The song, titled Sick Enough to Die, was first released in 2010.

11. VIBE-The Guy The Girl (Remix Ver.)

VIBE is a group with the R&B genre fronted by Yoon Min-soo and Ryu Jae-hyun. Their song, entitled The Guy The Girl, is one of their works that is popular among AyoDance players. It’s just that in the game you will listen to the remix version.

12. Lee So-eun-Loving You

A female solo singer from South Korea, Lee So-eun released her song, Loving You, in 2005. Talking about someone who loves in silence, this song does have a very deep meaning for those who understand its meaning.

13. Fiona Fung-Proud of You (Remix by DJ Hobo)

Because it is often played in the lobby, the song sung by Fiona Fung and remixed by DJ Hobo is often referred to as a lobby song. For players who want to improve skills or spend time practicing and relaxing with a partner, this song is perfect for playing.

Those are 13 AyoDance songs that are popular and often used in games. In addition to the songs mentioned above, there are many other songs. What other songs do you remember while playing Ayodance?

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