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Tier List, Guide, and Tips to Play

Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void is an RPG mobile game developed as a collaboration between 91Act and published by Tencent. Actually, the game which was released in 2022 was adapted from a light novel published by Dengeki Bunko, featuring more than 50 iconic characters from 25 light novels.

Gameplay This game is divided into two, namely: challenging and story mode. Mode challenging subdivided into several stages, including Storm of Gold Crusade Curio Hunt Void Trials Void Agency Dream Realm Expeditionand Notebook. Then, there are also 2 types PVP Mode, Burst Linkand Void Competition different.

While on story mode, players will follow the original storyline featuring characters from various light novels. You can earn a lot by completing chapters including Coins, Maigo, Exp, Character Fragments, and upgrade materials. Then, what about the players and characters?

The characters in this game are divided into two main categories, namely players with main and supporting characters. You can use the main players to fight on the front line. These characters have Basic Attack, Active Skill, and Ultimate Skill. In addition, there are also passive skills that can be used to improve skills character. One main player can have up to 5 passive skills and a number of talents depending on rarity. The higher the rarity, the more talent it has.

Meanwhile, the supporting players are in charge of accompanying the main players. Each of these players is provided with a sub skills. Similar to the main player, this support player also has up to 5 passive skills that can be obtained by increasing the player’s abilities and talents depending on their rarity. Of course, talent and skills This will be very useful for the main player who is paired with the support player.

Tier List in Crossing Void

Crossing Void Tier List, Guide, and Tips for Playing

Multiple characters in the game Crossing Void is in a locked state. You can get it after successfully progressing to a higher game stage. Each character will be equipped with some equipment, the more equipment available each character will increase in level. This game makes you have to have the best team by choosing your favorite character and the right strategy to beat your opponent.

Don’t forget, every hero on your team has a variety of skills special. That is, you must be able to use this ability collectively in order to give damage big to the opponent. The concept of the game is turn-based combat, you will be given the same opportunity and time to attack the opponent’s hero. In order to win the game, of course you have to beat your opponent.

Roughly, the character from the game Crossing Void divided into seven groups, or also called Crossing void tier list. The heroes or main characters of the S+ group are Leafy and Kimono Asuna. Both of them are the best heroes by amount damage to kill the highest opponent. Then, at level S, the characters that could be said to stand out the most were Asuna and Accelerator.

Both have the ability to attack and defend quite well. Then, in group A+, you have Emi and Celty as heroes with the strongest characters. Both can be the right choice that can play an important role in various match situations.

In group A, there are Alicia and Ako. Next, for group B+, there were Kuroyukihime and Kirito. All of them are heroes with standard abilities. While the characters that are quite prominent in group B are Enju and Bride Kuroyukihime. Finally, in group C, there are Havia and Celty. Most heroes in this category are not chosen by the players.

Tips and Guides for Playing Crossing Void

crossing void pc

If you are a beginner player who wants to try the fun of playing Crossing Void, there are some game tips and guides that you can follow to make the game feel more fun. Anything?

1. Game System

Because it carries the concept of a turn-based RPG game, each turn in this game makes you free to choose your character and abilities. However, there are still important things that you need to pay attention to. For example, the number above each character will represent the turn order. At the start of the game, the first character will move first, followed by the second character, and so on. The concept of this game will actually make it easier for you to determine the strategy.

2. Develop Character

Look at the characters you have and make sure you develop their abilities. The stronger the character, the easier it is for you to play and get lots of prizes. The main character will dominate the game, while the support character will provide extra abilities when paired with a certain main character. You can check which character matches other characters in the menu section and select Cross Skill.

3. Often Play Challenge

Completing the story in Crossing Void is indeed a good way to play because it can give you lots of prizes, such as experience and new characters. However, playing challenge also equally important. Play as much as you can to get lots of great prizes that you might not get in the core game.

4. Complete All Missions

Crossing void tips Next is to make sure you complete all the missions. The game gives you many missions and achievements in the beginning. Completing various missions will give you lots of rewards that will make you level up faster. When you successfully complete all the initial missions, the game will give you a choice of S-tier characters

Not only that, following all the missions from scratch is also a great way to get used to the different aspects of the game. Also, you can know how to improve your character and get the right equipment.

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