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Brown Magic Chess, the Formidable Minotaur who Becomes the New Commander

Since its release in early 2022, the Magic Chess game mode has become a fun alternative for MMORPG Mobile Legends fans around the world. As the developer of this game, Moonton never stops pampering the players with regular updates. Not only updating gameplay, commander which is the core character in the game mode is also regularly added in every update. One of commander the latest to be introduced is Brown Magic Chess.

If you’re just trying to dive into battlefield Magic Chess mode, you may not be very familiar with Commander Brown. It’s not that popular yet commander others were introduced first, such as Abe the Panda the Master of Kung Fu or Connie the Catcher of the Stars. Even so, skills strong owned commander this cannot be underestimated. In fact, if used with the right synergy, Brown can be used as a mainstay to dominate the fight.

Want to know more about Brown and the row skills his tough? Here’s a full review of commander recently.

Meet Brown The Commander

brown commander magic chess

In Magic Chess game mode, a Commander—also known as Little Commander—are a character with certain magical abilities. Commander specially summoned to set the strategy of the para hero when fighting in the area Magic Chessboard. They are usually the embodiment of animals, mythological creatures, or other characters with unique characteristics.

Before becoming a war strategist, commander equipped with three skills which can be in the form of active or passive abilities. Third skills this can be done alternately according to what you need in the fight.

Brown Magic Chess join to commander in early 2022, to be precise in patches Episode 6 which was released on February 5th. Commander It is introduced in the form of a Minotaur, a monster from Greek mythology who is a man with the head of a bull.

In the mythological story, the Minotaur monster was killed by Theseus, one of the Greek kings who was considered a hero of his time. However, inside realm Magic Chess, Minotaur Brown becomes commander tough who has the ability to set the battle strategy of the hero.

Nicknamed as Master Forger, Brown’s character is actually shown as a blacksmith in Ancient Greece. However, even though his posture is similar to the mini version of the Minotaur, he still looks strong and fierce like the Minotaur the mythological monster.

As the name suggests, Brown’s body is entirely tan with a pair of tough horns in shades of brown and ivory. He wore a typical Ancient Greek clothing similar to the gladiator clothes in the past. A brown shield on his chest completes the Commander Minotaur’s overall look. He is also equipped with a weapon in the form of a large hammer which is the source of his strength.

Brown can be obtained for 24,000 Battle Points like most commander other. If have Diamonds enough, you can also optimize its ability by selecting skin Brown Magic Chess as the game progresses.

Three Skills Main Owned by Brown Magic Chess

skill brown magic chess

As commander others in general skills Brown Magic Chess consist of skills active and passive. of three skills that he has, Brown is provided with two skills passive and one skills active. The following is a more complete explanation of each of Brown’s superior abilities The Master Forger.

1. Smith’s Scorn

Smith’s Scorn is one of skills passive at once skills the most basic of Brown Commander Magic Chess. Main function of skills it can be widely used because it has a super strong impact on hero even the toughest opponent.

Smith’s Scorn will work immediately from the start of the match round. The best way to take advantage of it is to target hero opponent who has equipment most widely. Hero who get the effect of skills this will disarm and disable the entire equipment which he has. The defense will also decrease and give you a greater chance of defeating hero the.

You can use Smith’s Scorn at any time because the effect can work in various types of synergies and Hero Lineup. However, if you want maximum results, it’s good to use skills it’s currently playing Late Game.

2. Blazing Hammer

Skills Brown’s second passive is Blazing Hammer. Name skills this is taken from his favorite artifact which is also a weapon he carries with him everywhere. When using Blazing HammerBrown is able to eliminate opponents with low HP in the area chessboard. If you win the battle round, your HP will automatically increase in the next battle.

The most effective time to use Blazing Hammer is when you are in position Win Streak. If used during the initial round, you can take advantage of skills this is to collect more stack. Meanwhile, if you use it at the time Late Game, Blazing Hammer will cause damage high enough that it affects HP lineup.

3. Reinforce

Reinforce is the only one skills which are owned Brown Magic Chess. Skills this can be used to strengthen one equipment your choice so that it makes it tougher than equipment owned by hero opponent. By working like this, Reinforce more recommended to activate when you compose Lineup for Late Games.

Best Synergy Recommendations for Brown

best combo brown magic chess
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After knowing Brown’s three main abilities, now is the time for you to choose a synergy and combo Best Brown Magic Chess so that defense hero that you play more optimally. Here are two of the best synergies Brown can play with:

  1. Weapon Master, Marksmanand Mage which can improve magic damage, critical damageas well as recovering HP from para hero The selected Brown Magic Chess.
  2. elf and Tangerman which can amplify the attack for hero with role This synergy would work better if it existed hero Tanks in your team.

Those are some important things you need to know about Brown Magic Chess. After getting to know one commander The newest one who has a series of formidable abilities, you can rely on him as a regulator of the battle strategy in the next round of the game.

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