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Meet Bersi Magic Chess, the New Commander

As the newest game mode in Mobile Legends, Magic Chess is increasingly attracting the attention of players who have been fond of this MMORPG for a long time. This enthusiasm makes Moonton re-issue a number of characters commander additions to create even more exciting matches in battlefield. Bersi Magic Chess is one of commander introduced to patches the latest.

Because it’s considered a new player, there aren’t many player who knows about excellence and toughness Commander Bersi is introduced in the form of a crow. Well, here, you can meet and find out more about Bersi, from profiles, reviews skillsto a guide to create combo and the best synergy when he plays. Come on, see more!

who Commander Full Magic Chess? Here’s the Profile!

have commander magic chess

Introduced to game patch which was released in mid-December 2022, Bersi Magic Chess is commander which has the form of a maroon crow. His appearance looks fierce with a pair of bright green eyes and a sharp beak. Because of his profile, he was nicknamed The Death’s Maw or the mouth of death.

Ironically, Bersi’s ultimate ability is inversely proportional to the nickname given to him. If the crow in the real world is identical to the animal that invites death, what Bersi does is exactly the opposite.

Moment skills hers is activated, Bersi can revive hero who fell and were eliminated from chessboard. It will resurrect hero it is to prepare in team fight next.

Bersi using skin The initial form is a black cloak that is equipped with a necklace accessory studded with blue crystals and a black wand that is used to bring out his abilities.

You can also buy skin Bersi Magic Chess others by using Diamonds. As an alternative, skin every commander—including Bersi, can be obtained as a reward on Achievements nor events which has a specific time limit.

Skills Bersi’s flagship

magic chess skill

As mentioned earlier, the main role of skills Bersi Magic Chess is to turn on hero who are dead and eliminated. Bersi alone has two skills passive and one skills active who helped him carry out this mission. Here’s an explanation of each skills belongs to Bersi.

1. Bersi’s Blessings

Bersi’s Blessing is skills passive at once skills Owned level 1 clean commander Magic Chess. Skills it has the ability to turn on hero first to be eliminated from each round of play.

If you are a beginner Magic Chess player, Bersi’s Blessing is skills who can be relied on to survive in the early rounds of the game. Fortunately again, because skills this includes skills passive, you don’t need to bother activating it. Bersi’s Blessing also has no effect cooldown and can immediately work automatically.

2. Back from the Dead

When using skills both of them, Back from the DeadBersi will give one extra life for all hero who are on the same team. That way, you don’t have to worry if there is one hero in your team who was suddenly eliminated from chessboard.

However, it is necessary to know if skills this can only be activated after you pay 10 gold. Back from the Dead also have effect cooldown for three rounds. So, even if the effects are beneficial, be sure to use skills this wisely when in a state of urgency.

3. Bersi’s Obsession

Bersi’s Obsession is skills level three as well skills second passive owned by Bersi Magic Chess. Skills this allowed Bersi to revive in the next round after he was eliminated. It’s not enough to get there, Bersi’s Obsession also provide extra gold by 20 points and recovers 1 Health Power every time it works.

Guide Combo and Synergy for Safe Play

combo with magic chess

Know skills and basic abilities of Bersi Magic Chess only a first step to be able to play commander This is as a strategy regulator in battlefield. So that its abilities can be utilized more optimally, you also need to understand some options combo and synergy when playing Bersi.

Here are two recommendations combo and synergy for Bersi which you can use as a guide.

1. Synergy of Cadia Riverlands and Astro Power

Cadia Riverlands which is also known as Dragon Altar is one of the strongest synergies you can rely on when strategizing battlefield in Magic Chess. This synergy can work more optimally if you combine it with Astro Power.

Cadia Riverlands itself is very supportive of the ability revival owned by Bersi. If there is hero eliminated, this synergy will add 15% Attack Speed as well as extra Shield as much as 12% of the maximum HP points. All given to hero in the same team at random.

Imagine if you used this synergy when making Bersi a commander. Apart from getting extra Attack Speed and Shield, hero those who have been eliminated will come back to life. This can certainly make your team stronger in breaking the opposing team’s defense.

Synergy Cadia RiverlandsAstro Power actually not only be combo Bersi Magic Chessbut can also be played with several commander others, such as Buss and Remy.

2. Synergy of Mage, Northern Vale and Wrestler

This synergy uses 6 mages, 3 Northern Vale, and 2 Wrestler. When activated, the three of them will provide maximum power to hero surviving and resurrected by Bersi.

Magefor example, can increase the level Magic Damage for all hero as much as 125%, while wrestler bring ability stun opponent for 2 seconds and additional Physical Attack of 250 points. Meanwhile, Northern Vale will make sure all hero own Where full maximum once the match starts.

Thus some important information you need to know about Bersi Magic Chess. After getting acquainted with commander in the form of this crow, you can take advantage of skills powerful that he has in the match Magic Chess next.

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