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Information You Should Know

Fans Gwen: The Witcher Card Game which also Android users can rejoice. Two years after the first CD Projekt released this digital card game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, you can finally play it on Android devices. After Netflix series The Witcher received rave reviews, the launch of this game on the new platform was well received.

For those of you who have never played but are interested, first study this guide before trying it on your Android device.

What’s that Gwen?

gwent android

Draft Gwen taken from the card game that appears in The Witcherthe novel by Andrzej Sapkowski that inspired the Netflix series, as well as games The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this game, you and your opponent can choose between six factions with one leader, and each faction has a fighter with a special skill.

This game was originally available as a minigame in The Witchers 3, but the player response to it was so positive that CD Projekt decided to develop it into a game of its own. Uniqueness Gwen is the game system that emphasizes the leader’s action (leader) and synergy between cards, not individual fighters.

Review Gwen: Reasons You Should Try

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One thing you will see from Gwen is the design that is so detailed. Each card belonging to the players who are being “pitted” appears on a beautiful background design as if you were entering a world The Witchers. The game has gone through three years of development and beta version, complete with various changes, but Gwen Android maintain visual appearance as well as worldbuilding detailed.

If you are familiar with all versions The Witcheryou will realize that this Android version of the game carries the plot from the novel and the game games. This is advantageous for anyone who just entered the universe The Witchers, For example, because you are interested after watching the series. You don’t have to be clumsy just because you’ve never read or played The Witcher.

This game looks like card games in general, but with uniqueness in terms of strategy. You can combine neutral cards with skills and units, but this doesn’t mean you have to have all those special cards in order to win. When the player has reached a high level, victory can be achieved even with just a neutral card, as long as the player understands the dynamics between the teams. This makes Gwen it gets more unpredictable as your rank increases so it gets more interesting.

Gwen suitable for players who are not only concerned with the game, but also history and saga (lore) behind it. Every time you complete a mission, you will get rewards as well as additional information and stories related to the leader on your cards. This makes Gwen feels special, as if you are following a long, exciting story while completing the game. Information about para leader and the faction of the fighters can also give you an added advantage in determining the war strategy.

How to Play Gwen

gwent gameplay

Gwen gameplay quite easy and you can master it quickly. The game requires you to play a deck of cards against other players in three rounds per turn. You are declared the winner if you manage to collect total points power more than your opponent (calculated from the strength of each card), or when the opponent surrenders or runs out of cards first.

In each round, you and your opponent each get 10 cards. Entering the second and third rounds, each player can draw three extra cards as additional power in the deck (deck). You can choose between six factions with unique powers and bonuses, each with a different kind of power. The six factions are:

  • Northern Realms, relying on powerful players, advanced weapons and strategy.
  • Nilfgaard, relying on the power of diplomacy and ingenuity to break through defenses and defeat the enemy.
  • Scoia’ Tael, an agile faction of Elves and Dwarves, relies on ambushes and guerrilla warfare capabilities.
  • Syndicate, a faction of pirates and bandits who use any means to achieve their goals, including betrayal.
  • Skellige, a faction of knights and possessors of occult knowledge who gain power from the realm of the dead as well as those who died or were injured in war.
  • Monsters, a faction of vicious creatures that eat anyone for points, including their own members.

Every time you calm the game, you will get ore to buy a card pack. Each new level gives reward key which you can use to buy various items. Don’t forget to play every Wednesday because that day is “Gwentsday”, a special day where players can get various promotions and special offers.

How to Download Gwen on Android

Gwent system requirements

Want to immediately try playing on Android? You can do Gwen download mobile via Google Play. Make sure you have the Google Play app on your Android device, then download it Gwen by pressing the button Install.

Gwen Android version you can download for free. However, there are various items in the game that requires purchase with money. For example, some types of high power neutral cards you have to redeem for money. You can play for free constantly, then save money on buying cards and items special to quickly rank up.

System Requirements to play Gwen

Not all types of Android devices are eligible to play this card game. Gwen requires a device with at least 1.5 GB of RAM (ideally larger to prevent the device from slowing down aka lagging).

Devices that can play Gwen is Android version 7.0 and above. This game also has a system crossplay which lets you connect your Android version of the account to iOS and PC.


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a great choice for fans of card games set in a fantasy world with a detailed saga. Unique gameplay method and storyline that combines novel plots and games previously made Gwen suitable for all players, even newbies The Witchers. Download now and play on your Android device for free!

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