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Beginners Must Know 7 Point Blank Maps so Playing is More Fun

Talking about games type firstPerson Shooter (FPS) world popular certainly can not be separated from Point Blank (PB). In Indonesia itself, multiplayer games from Zepetto this continues to occupy the top position of choice player FPS, both PC and version mobile. This of course cannot be separated from various supporting factors, such as: gameplay, point blank maps, and other.

To understand better, you can read the following review.

Fun to Play Point Blank

map downtown point blank

Compared games other types of FPS, Point Blank is the most fun choice to accompany your days. Why?

  • PB has many game modes so player can adjust the level of difficulty of the game to their respective abilities. Some of the available modes include deathmatch, Eliminate, online match, and bomb missions.
  • PB offers many choices of types of weapons that you can choose according to the characteristics of your game. Selected several popular weapons player including Dragunov, SG 550, MP7, Dual Kriss, P90, Cheytac M200, and others.
  • PB has a lot folder All playgrounds can be played online offline nor on line. This number of playing arenas certainly makes the players not easily bored because each folder has its own characteristics and level of difficulty.

7 Map Point Blank

map sandstorm point blank

Play Point Blank so it’s more fun if you already memorized the seven types folder which is offered.

Downtown Point Blank Map

Set in a deserted city, the game begins when CT-Force assigned to deliver weapons through an urban area. Then, Free Rebels tasked with preventing the delivery to fail miserably by blowing up the route.

With background narrow streets and houses close together, each team is required to create a slick strategy to win the game. Generally, all types of weapons are still suitable for use on the folder this. So, what weapon do you want to use? Submachine Gun (SMG), Assault Gunor sniper.

Some of the posts you find in folder these are Base Tero, JP Top, JP Kasir, JP Truck, JP Tank, Triple Box, and others.

Map Sandstorm Point Blank

Compared with Downtown Map Sandstorm PB larger and offer a higher level of difficulty. For that, you must really master the map when competing.

Tower, Tower Doors, Tower Boxes, Bridges, Upper Bars, Lower Bar Cashiers are some examples of post names that you will encounter in Sandstorm.

Map Luxville Point Blank

Folder further offers two game modes, namely deathmatch and bomb missions. The story begins with the efforts of the troops CT-Force raided a city in the Eastern state territory that was believed to be the headquarters of the leader of the group Free Rebels. This attack is enough to make Free Rebels overwhelmed so had to blow up most of the battle area to eliminate the existing evidence.

The battle between the groups takes place in a mansion world famous Point Blank. The design provides an advantage for players because there are many places to hide and hide, for example SC Batu, B Hides, and others.

Map Blowcity Point Blank

Troops CT-Force patrolling every corner of the city to catch members Free Rebels who intends to blow up the city. You will also find two modes like folder Another PB, namely deathmatch and bomb missions. However, to win the battle in Blowcity each team must rely on cooperation and good strategy because of the structure folder-it’s quite complicated.

Attack team (attack team) must be able to detonate a bomb on bombsite A or B to win. Otherwise, defense team (defense team) must thwart the efforts of the attacking team. For that, pay attention to the posts inside folder, for example Box M TeroRB, GeneratorPLN, MCT Grand Ladder, Toll Road, and so on.

Map Midtown Point Blank

Even at a glance Midtown looks like Downtown, you will still get a different game sensation. Because, folder it presents more posts making it more complicated to play.

Some of the post names that you will encounter are M Tero, Upper Base, M Tero Truck, Tank MidPhone, Mid Cashier, JK B, JK A, Tank A, Barrel A/Warehouse A, A Cashier, JP, Box JP, B WaitingBarrel B/Warehouse B, Big Ladder, and more.

Map Stormtube Point Blank

Showing the atmosphere subway, The player can use the chariot in his battles. However, you have to be careful and always monitor the movement in the lane subway because one-one you even get hit by a running train.

PA Box, Cat, Blue Tent, Venti, Cat Venti, Tent Vent, Aisle AB, Upper AB, Dark CT/Warehouse, Venti SK B, SK B Upper, SK B Bottom, and Monitor A are some of the names of posts that you will encounter during the game.

Map Provence Point Blank

Released at the end of 2022, folder this is the newest one. Different from Luxville map before, the attack group in Provence map is Free Rebels. Whereas, CT-Force is a team that must defend site. What about the post names, any new listings? There are of course, for example Graves, Cinemas, and Wells.

That was seven Point Blank map what you need to know. To play pretty in every folderit’s a good idea to understand some abbreviations so that the command from commander Well done.

  • DT : Downtown
  • JK : Small Street
  • JP : Long Way
  • Mid (Middle): Middle
  • Cafe : Cafe
  • SS : Sandstorm
  • JT : Mouse Street
  • PM : Red Door
  • DD : Double Door
  • Lux : Luxville
  • BC : Big Corridor
  • SC : Small Corridor
  • Library : Library
  • BC : Blowcity

Not only that, applying some game tips is also worth a try.

Play Tips

map luxville point blank

For a beginner, Point Blank may be one of the difficult and complicated games. However, you can quickly become proficient if you follow the summary of tips below.

  1. Find out and read all the basic information about the game, from the rules to how to play.
  2. Learn about the different types of weapons in games.
  3. Use the right weapons and characters.
  4. Take advantage mini maps.
  5. Keep moving while aiming at your opponent.
  6. Practice the game regularly.

Believe me! If you consistently do the six points above, the game Point Blank-you can match pro player at some stage.

Apart from understanding the seven Point Blank map above, you can also improve your gaming experience through top up account games PB on UniPin.

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