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10 Best Hero Choices That Can Be Obtained For Free

The role of heroes in Lords Mobile is very important. The existence of a hero can make your troops stronger. In addition, you also need a proper Lords Mobile guide regarding hero selection to be able to win the Colosseum battle, quest, or monster hunt. Every hero in the Lords Mobile game has skills unique and you can pair with each other.

The choice of heroes that you can get in Lords Mobile is quite a lot. Interestingly, I Got Games (IGG) as the developer of this game provides an opportunity for you to play competitively for free. With the right selection of free heroes, it is possible that you can beat gamers who are diligent in topping up. Well, curious about the best Lords Mobile hero guide that you can get for free, right?

lords mobile hero guide

1. Rose Knight

When you play Lord Mobile on a PC or mobile device, the free hero option that you shouldn’t miss is Rose Knight. It’s just that, Rose Knight is included in the category of heroes that you can only get after playing Lords Mobile for a long time. If you want to get this strong hero in the near future, you can buy it.

Rose Knight is a very suitable hero for you to use when playing PvP in the Colosseum. Skills His Justice Call can provide protection to other heroes. In addition, you can use the Rose Knight to stun your opponent. Therefore, you need to upgrade the Rose Knight as soon as possible, at least to the purple grade.

2. Trickster

In various Lords Mobile Guides, you will find that Trickster is a mandatory hero who has an important role. This character has a long range attack using a bow that is unmatched in Lords Mobile. In addition, the presence of Trickster also provides a research boost of 25% which is a shame for you to miss.

Because of this ability, Trickster has an important role in the Lords Mobile talent guide, especially with regards to Research talent. His physical attacks are also very strong and have good dodge abilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gamers often use Trickster when fighting in the Colosseum.

3. Prima Donna

Furthermore, there is a hero who looks innocent, namely Prima Donna. In fact, this hero does not have a high fighting ability, and is even very weak. Prima Donna has the ability to boost siege attacks. At the same time, Prima Donna’s magic attacks are very ineffective when you use them when hunting monsters.

Then, why do many Lords Mobile monster hunt guides from expert gamers put forward the selection of Prima Donna? There is one skills which makes the figure of Prima Donna you should not miss. He is able to heal other heroes.

4. Demon Slayer

The next Lords Mobile hero guide is Demon Slayer. This character is an all-rounder hero that you can use flexibly. Demon Slayer is a formidable character, you can rely on to defeat enemy heroes.

In the Colosseum, you will find that the Demon Slayer has high damage. During war, the presence of a Demon Slayer can increase ATK and HP by 30% and 50%, respectively. In addition, you can also use Demon Slayer for monster hunting purposes.

5. Tracker

When playing Lord Mobile on PC, you also don’t miss the Tracker figure. This hero is famous for having a very strong single hit attack. In addition, he also has a good support role. If you have reached the gold grade, the Tracker has a 30% boost of range troops. It’s just that you need to be careful because Tracker is a hero who has low HP.

6. Death Knight

Lords Mobile hero guide requires you to have a reliable tanker figure. One of them is the Death Knight. Not only does it have a lot of HP, but you can use it to push the opponent’s hero backwards. Death Knights in particular will be very helpful if you use them for fighting in the Colosseum and hunting monsters.

7. Witch Doll

The next Lords Mobile guide is the use of Witch Doll heroes. You can use this character effectively without having to upgrade it to the maximum. Witch Doll has ultimate skills is cool. You can also rely on his magic attacks.

Not only that, you can use Witch Doll to lock all enemy heroes. Next, you can use other heroes to defeat enemy characters one by one. If you’re on fire, it’s not impossible for Witch Doll to eradicate all enemies on her own.

8. Child of Light

The tank hero figure that is worthy of your use is Child of Light. The advantage of this character is his ability in the aspect of crowd control. He can withstand enemy attacks directed at comrades. In addition, Child of Light has quite reliable damage.

9. Bombin’ Goblins

This hero along with Rose Knight is a free character that you can use to boost troop ATK. In addition, you can effectively place Bombin’ Goblins in wall. You can also use it to hunt monsters or battle.

10. Snow Queen

The last Lords Mobile hero guide is a character named Snow Queen. This hero has the ability to attack from a distance which you can use flexibly. His presence on the Wall can increase the base’s survivability. In addition, you need to take advantage of the Snow Queen when hunting monsters or fighting.

Well, that’s the Lords Mobile guide that you can use to choose the strongest free hero. In addition to these heroes, you can choose to combine them with paid heroes. Moreover, there are many choices of paid heroes that you can get cheaply and have better abilities.

The good news is, there is a practical solution that you can use if you want to buy a strong hero in Lords Mobile. The way, just take advantage Unipin. Here, you can topup quickly, so you can use it to quickly make purchases and build a strong army.

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