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How to Increase AoV Rank Order (Arena of Valor)

Fun in fashion rank in several online game it is undeniable. Player even set ranking goals for each season in progress. An example is the players Arena of Valor (AoV) professionals generally target order rank AoV highest at the end seasons.

Now, how about you? Are you also an AoV player? Already set a target rank this season? Here are some tips about the game Arena of Valor so that you can reach your goal.

The Fun of Playing AoV

aov rank order
Released since 2022, mobile games genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is able to maintain its popularity as one of the best online games in Indonesia. Especially after AoV officially became one of the games competed in the event esports In the 2022 Asian Games, his fame was getting worse.

Looks fun yes? To note, AoV does offer game fun that you may not get from MOBA GAMES other.

  • Qualified AoV graphics so that the image quality is at games However, to support this graphic side, you have to make sure the device used has adequate specifications.
  • A means of channeling hobbies for fans Super hero DC Comics. You can play while reminiscing with a variety of characters hero cool, like Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Joker, and others.
  • Rarely jammed like online game Because, AoV has server alone in Indonesia. So, you will almost never experience the fun of playing all of a sudden games crash due to network.

In addition to the three things above, the fun of playing AoV is also influenced by: level rank AoV that you have. The higher the account rank game-you, the more exciting the adventure Arena of Valor what you feel. Do you know what the ranking order is in this game published by Tencent?

Get to know the 7 Sequences Rank AoV

aov rank level

Fashion presence ranked match in AoV aims to rank and place players on tier according to his abilities. The point is to present a balanced game by pairing teammates and enemies with equal skills. Interestingly, the developer offers a number of rewards interesting in every seasons, especially for the players tier top board.

Want to grab the top rankings? Make sure you already have five hero permanent in account game-you first!

  • Bronze is the lowest position in AoV ranking system and has three divisions that you must pass if you want to move to the next level.
  • silver generally filled by players who are still in the stage of understanding the game and are looking for their respective playing styles. Besides, just like the first level, rank silver also divided into three divisions for you to complete.
  • Gold is position rank center with four divisions. Player in rank this is quite good in the game. Generally, player have found the main character of each class hero which exists.
  • Platinum has five divisions to conquer. Attempt to win at tier This feels even heavier because player others are already good at tactics, selection heroes, and teamwork.
  • Diamonds is rank “hell” that you must be able to overcome before moving on to conqueror or grand conqueror. There are five divisions in rank Get ready because Diamonds will offer a match that drains the player’s mind and emotions.
  • Conqueror is rank elite AoV. If you manage to enter rank here, your playing skill Arena of Valor can be said to be comparable to players pro.
  • Grand Conqueror Becomes rank highest AoV at this time. To get into this category, play mode often ranked matches. If you win, you will get stars as a condition for advancing to class grand conqueror.

Upgrade Rank-you this way

aov rank system

To make it easier to reach tier rank If you want, you can carry out special strategies, including:

Learn, Understand, Practice Role and your task during the fight

There are five player roles in AoV, namely Jungler, Midlaner, Abyssal Laner, DS Laner/Offlaner, and Support/Observer. You have to find out what role is most suitable for you to play. Each has a different task during the game.

For example, a observer served as the initiator to open folder when going to attack the opposing team. Role this is usually filled by the character from tanks/supports, such as Baldum, Superman, and Mina.

Do “Map Control

Often hit by the opposing team’s traps suddenly while playing? That means your enemy is able to control folder well. To match it, you also have to learn how to do map control.

If successful, you will benefit from all information regarding the opponent’s position, when buff and abyssal appear, and so on. In other words, your team will be able to maintain zoning or objective area well.

Use Hero Option, Exclusively for Fashion Ranked Match

In fact, every player has had hero its own mainstay. However, you can consider practicing your game with the character choices below. Because the list of names hero The following are very reliable when you are going push rank.

















train Individual Gameplay

Although AoV is synonymous with 5 vs 5 group games, that doesn’t mean you have to always play with your friends. Playing individually is also good for practicing your playing skills. It means, skills individual also determines the increase rank player. Expert in playing various hero and the role is the key to success to get to grand conqueror levels.

learn Items which exists

From Amulet of Longevity, Bloomstick, Curse of Death, until windstone, you must know and understand about each function items. Launching the official AoV Indonesia page, you at least understand hundreds of items which is offered. That way, your playing style is guaranteed to improve so you get a position rank top board is not just wishful thinking.

Watch How One Pro Player Played

Learning from the experts is the last way you can apply. Absorb all the knowledge and experience shared by the pro player so you too can get in the same position as them, or even surpass them. There are many sources you can use, such as videos tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or others.

Those were the tips to raise order rank AoV your account. I hope this helps!

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