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Angela, Beautiful Hero Who Can Support Your Team Play

Angela is hero Support that has the unique ability to “possess” hero others on the same team. This ability perfectly matched Angela’s appearance like a puppeteer or puppet controllers. With this ability, Angela can attack the enemy.

The Story of Angela, the Beautiful Hero in Mobile Legends

mobile legends angel

Who is Angela? Each hero released in Mobile Legends usually has an interesting background. Angela is the “daughter” of Dr. Baker, a founder of Lab 1719, an institution whose goal is to maintain world peace. Because the principle is not in line with the institution, Dr. Baker also made his own project.

Turns out, Dr. Baker intends to create a new life out of mechanical skeletons, dolls, and synthetic leather. He also programs touching stories in his creations. Dr. Project. Baker succeeded and Angela was born, Peace Android Prototype 1.

Unfortunately, the scientists at Lab 1718 were not happy with Dr. baker. They also use Alpha and Beta to chase after Dr. Baker and his creations.

At that crucial moment, Dr. Baker saves Angela by putting her in a capsule. Due to a violent storm, the flight capsule fell into the Land of Dawn. Angela’s next task is to find Dr. Rooney as his father’s instructions to then save Dr. baker.

GG Tips Using Hero Angela

angela ml

As hero Support, Angela has an important role in the game. Even though you can’t kill enemies easily, there are some tips you can do so that hero this is getting annoying.

Choose the Best Item Build

You have to choose build items best for hero Angela ML as needed. Mobile Legends has provided 3 item set for hero These are Team Buff, Burst, and Durable.

Item set You can choose Team Buff if hero To do buff on the team or nerf on the enemy. Item set Burst is perfect if you want to make hero as hitters. Item set Durable for hero endure. Customize options item set with play style and needs. However, in solo play, it’s best to choose items Burst.

Don’t Go Alone

Rules that must be known by hero Support is not to go forward alone. Because her attack power is weak, Angela can actually be suppressed by the enemy at the beginning of the game. Find a partner for farming or laning. This method will help you to level up without becoming an easy target for the enemy. The choice is hero Marksman who kills minion quickly.

Optimize Skill Love Waves

Angela’s Love Waves skill has no time cooldown fixed. This could potentially make damage on the enemy, especially because it can be stored as much as 5 stack. more and more stack used, will be even greater damage resulting from. The enemy’s movement speed is also reduced. Skills 1 hero Angela can also add HP to hero team.

Practice Mastering Skill 2

Puppet-on-a-String is skills 2 Angela which is quite difficult to master. However, skills This is quite deadly so it’s a shame if you don’t use it. So that potential damage maximum, you should be able to be close to the enemy. If the “rope” was untied, the enemy would normally not experience damage and effects immobilize.

Help the Team with Ultimate Skill

Another tip is to use skills Ultimate Angela Mobile Legend to help friends in a team that is in urgency. Hero it can “permeate” hero others who are fighting at the same time can join the attack. In addition to helping, you can also get kill or assist. Do not let, skills Ulti is only used to escape especially because cooldownIt’s quite long, i.e. 80 seconds.

To play, Angela needs a player who has the guts to get into the crowd of enemies. Don’t let, in the midst of battle, the hero possessed by Angela even flees when surrounded by enemies. This makes Angela’s Ultimate skill useless.

It should be noted that Angela will have a hard time against hero with burst damage tall one. Likewise with hero capable of doing disable. If Angela gets hit burst or disable, he can immediately disappear because his HP is very small. However, in the hands of trained players, Angela can be transformed into a very deadly team supporter.

Recommended Build Hero Angela

angela mlbb

So that Angela can carry out her duties as hero Support, it is important for you to use build items right. Here are some of them:

Demon Shoes

Items important to have hero Angela is Demon Shoes. Hero will gain Movement Speed ​​and Mana Regen with presence items this. Thus, Angela will have Mana stock if she wants to do spam skills.

Fleeting Time

Don’t forget to use items Fleeting Time while playing hero Angela MLBB. This is items mandatory that can reduce the Cool Down effect of Angela’s Ultimate skill. Besides that, hero will also get extra Magic Power.

Necklace of Durance

Function items Necklace of Durance is reducing regen effect given by the opponent. Besides that, hero will get Magic Power, Magical Lifesteal, and Cooldown Reduction.

Courage Mask

Items mandatory for hero Support is Courage Mask. Roaming items this can make hero gain extra HP and the Movement Speed ​​attribute. In addition, Courage Mask can increase Physical Attack and Magic Attack.

Glowing Wand

Also have a Glowing Wand to get extra Magic Power, HP, and Movement Speed. From unique passive items With this, you can make your opponent burn for 3 seconds.


have items Immortality on phase late gamee. Items it can turn on hero return if it dies. In addition, Angela will also get additional HP and Physical Defense.

Well, here are some build items what you need to have to put on hero Angela. Do it first top up via UniPin to get diamonds. Easy payment methods will make you more practical when completing purchase transactions. Good luck.

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