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How to Use Hero Carmilla Effectively in Mobile Legends

Carmilla is one of hero in Mobile Legends who acts as hero Support. Carmilla appears as a beautiful woman who has blonde hair. Because of her tragic love story, Carmilla turns into a vampire who can absorb enemy blood.

In gameplayCarmilla can also be relied on as counter for the Tanks. He have skills passive that can make Tanks defenseless.

The Origin of Hero Carmilla

carmilla mobile legends

Originally, Carmilla was a princess born into a noble family. She is popular with her charming beauty so that many men want to propose. However, Carmilla’s standards are very high and it’s not easy to fall in love until she meets Cecilion, an opera singer.

Carmilla admired Cecilion for his talent. One day they met and eventually fell in love. However, Carmilla’s father did not agree and instead forced his son to marry another noble. Carmilla decides to commit suicide.

However, Carmilla woke up again but in a different meaning. He turned into a vampire like Cecilion who turned out to be a Blood Demon. They can be together forever.

Interesting Facts about Hero Carmilla

carmilla hero ml

Because it has a high level of defense, hero Carmilla is known as hero hard to die. One of the reasons hero it lasts longer than hero Another support is due to his passive ability, namely the Vampire Pact.

Unlike other heroes who eradicate enemies quickly and barbarically, Carmilla’s hero does it slowly. Damage mainly comes from the continuous rotation of the Crimson Flower. Without realizing it, the opponent will lose defense.

Another interesting fact about Carmilla’s hero is her movement speed which is above average. This is obtained by Carmilla from the skills she has. In addition, this hero can also provide stun and slow effects in one attack.

How to Use Hero Carmilla

carmilla mlbb

What are the things you need to know when using hero Carmilla in the game?

Get to know Carmilla’s Skills

Like all hero in Mobile Legends, Carmilla is also equipped with 4 skillsnamely Vampire Pact (Passive), Crimson Flower, Bloodbath, and Curse of Blood (Ultimate).

Vampire Pact is the ability to take Physical and Magic Defense from the opponent when creating damage. Skills it can reduce the enemy’s defense and make results damage more pronounced.

Crimson Flower is the ability to increase Movement Speed. Then, there are 2 crimson flower which can produce damage and effects slow for the opponent. Every opponent is hit skills this, Carmilla will gain HP.

Bloodbath is skills multifunction that makes hero get Movement Speed ​​bonus. Meanwhile, Curse of Blood is skills a curse that can be cast on an opponent and produce an effect slow. This skill is very useful because its effect is not only on one hero opponent but three at a time.

Choose the Best Build for Carmilla

Build items can help hero to defend or attack in battle. For Carmilla, there are some recommendations build items which you can try.

First, Warrior Boots. Items it can increase speed and defense hero. Especially since Carmilla attacks the enemy at close range which means it has the potential to experience damage. You can also use items Tough Boots. Items suitable to face hero with magical damage the big one.

Second, Glowing Wand. Items this can add Magic Power and HP on hero so it’s not easy to kill. Passive ability of items this can give damage over time. Third, Concentrated Energy. Items this can help Carmilla to regenerate HP.

Fourth, Dominance Ice. Items This is useful for reducing the Attack Speed ​​of the opponent. Besides that, items this can also make an effect slow Carmilla produces even more optimal.

Fifth, use it too build items Lightning Truncheon which gives extra Mana and Magic Power to hero. In addition, when combined with Dominance Ice, you can make Carmilla issue skills Ultimate easily.

Sixth, Oracle. This is items useful for Carmilla on late game. Items it can increase defense hero especially when dealing with enemy heroes who have the ability magic tall.

Tips for Playing with Hero Carmilla

Hero Carmilla can attack enemies well. However, you need to know the following tips so that: damage maximum output.

Optimize HP Regeneration Ability

The main strength of Carmilla Mobile Legend is that it can regenerate HP. Skills this is what allows him to survive. To get this advantage, hero must use skills The Crimson Flower he had. The way to optimize HP regeneration is to attack as many nearby enemies as possible.

Don’t be afraid to put on your body

Next, you need to optimize Carmilla’s survivability in the game. The high level of HP regeneration is one of the reasons for this hero to dare to come to the front line. Although not comparable to hero Tank, Carmilla’s ability as hero Support is quite adequate.

Another advantage is that it can withstand enemy attacks, especially if you have build items right like Oracle. Not only that, Carmilla can also give effect slow on enemy attacks.

Combine Crowd Control Effects

Crowd Control effect can help Carmilla to catch the opponent. One of these abilities is stun which is useful when chasing enemies. If you add skills bloodbath, hero this will easily catch the enemy. Another ability is effect slow so that hero able to maintain sufficient distance from the enemy.

Sticking to the Enemy Hero

Superiority hero Carmilla MLBB is able to attack from close range with skills Crimson Flowers. Skills this can also make hero last longer in the game because of the HP regeneration effect obtained. Because of that, hero must stick to the enemy because skills Crimson Flower only has an impact at melee.

Those are some tips to play hero Carmilla in Mobile Legends. Make sure you also have diamonds to get items required. You can buy diamonds by doing top up first via UniPin. Easy and practical.

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