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Get to know Cyclops, an MLBB Hero as Strong as a Giant

Known as the one-eyed giant character, Cyclops Mobile Legend be one hero with damage strongest you can rely on when war. Hero This is also fairly easy to get, even by novice players. You only need 15,000 BP to own it—a great price worth it for skills tough and damage extraordinarily strong.

Intend to choose Cyclops as hero your mainstay in war next? While solidifying the strategy, let’s get acquainted with hero this one!

Cyclops Story: Sang Dwarf-Giant One-Eyed

cyclops mlbb

For those of you who are familiar with Greek and Roman mythology, the word Cyclops it feels familiar. Background hero MLBB is indeed taken from the mythological story. Cyclops is described as a one-eyed giant who has formidable strength as well as magical abilities.

However, the Cyclops display as hero Mobile Legends is made a little differently. In game multiplayer battle arena made by Moonton, Cyclops is categorized as part of the nation dwarf-giant. Even though they both have one eye like the original characters from their mythology, the Cyclops body in MLBB is much smaller, making it a unique giant that is different from other giants.

Cyclops is said to have come from the eastern plains of the Land of Dawn, a special area that is rarely touched in the Land of the Giants. As a child, he was obsessed with the sky and the stars. That’s the reason the dwarf giant is also known as Starsoul Magician at a time Planetary Astronomer in its original place. This obsession is also the source of Cyclops’ strength before he appears to compete in the world of Mobile Legends.

Main Characteristics of Cyclops

cyclops ml

Even though his body is small, his strength Cyclops ML Cyclops still as strong as giants in general. Fortunately again, this character can use magical powers to match opponents with a relatively larger body size than him.

Cyclops is a member of the SABER Squad along with four hero Other strong: Rafaela, Layla, Johnson, and Saber. He acts as Exploder which takes the place of the letter “E” in collaboration hero the.

in terms of roleCyclops are categorized as mage. One of the main abilities it has is effect cooldown when he takes out skills to attack the enemy. In numbers, these are the abilities and characteristics of Cyclops in Mobile Legends:

  • HP: 2521
  • MOBILE PHONE Regen: 38
  • Where: 500
  • Where’s Regen: 20
  • Movement Speed: 240
  • Physical Attack: 112
  • Attack Speed: 0.8
  • Physical Defense: 18
  • Magic Defense: 10

Skills Tough Cyclops

cyclops hero

Not without reason Cyclops MLBB made as one hero mainstay for beginners. Hero this turns out to have a lot skills which can be used to dominate the battle. Here are some skills toughness it has:

Planet Attack

Moment Planet Attack skills activated, Cyclops will produce a large star ball—which resembles a planet—with magical damage reaches 160. His movement will also increase faster, even in a short duration.

Stardust Shock

Strength Stardust Shock owned by Cyclops by collecting power stars who became his obsession since childhood. This power produces double magical damage of 220 x 2 which appears in the form of a pair of shock waves.

Passive Skill: Starlit Hourglass

In passive mode, Cyclops have the ability to control time. When one skillsits about the opponent, period cooldown for the whole skills will decrease by 0.5 seconds. This ability will benefit players when span skills.

Ultimate Skill: Star Power Lockdown

As ultimate skills, Star Power Lockdown very suitable to be directed at the opponent when ganking. With magical damage largest to reach 500, skills it can lock and trap the opponent in a giant magic ball for a few seconds.

Best Item Recommendation for Cyclops

cyclops build

In order to optimize his abilities, you must also pay attention Cyclops Build which consists of several items best. Use a number of items below to make Cyclops as hero hero:

  • Arcane Boots: Makes Cyclops run faster so it can be more agile when facing a collection of Jungle Monsters.
  • Blood Wings: Prepares Cyclops so that they can survive in every battle condition, suitable for use when you play together with a team.
  • Concentrated Energy: One of items the best that brings HP and magic power worth it and a bonus survivability which is quite high.
  • Enchanted Talisman: Function to keep where Cyclops so he can still use skills main thing he has.
  • Glowing Wand: Passive items which is useful for restoring HP, speeding up movement, and increasing damage and magical
  • Holy Crystal: Add magic power Cyclops in greater numbers thus allowing him to inflict damage who is stronger when facing opponents.

Cyclops Guide: Tips for Playing Cyclops

cyclops mobile legend

Here are some tips that you can use as a guide when playing: Cyclops Hero in fight:

  1. As hero mageCyclops is the best choice to face hero opponents from among fighter and marksmanespecially when you face Eudora, Gord, Karina, Vexana, Pharsa, and Aurora.
  2. For buildyou can focus on items which can improve magical damage Cyclops at the highest level. Items with effect cooldown reduction can also be considered so that the ability of the hero could be more optimal.
  3. Cyclops is suitable for use when you want to keep attacking your opponent. Passive skills which are owned hero it will benefit the player every time Cyclops hit and repulse hero on the opposing team.
  4. Moment roamingUse Retribution spells so that you can collect Exp points faster and gold. Spell it can also be used when you need role marksman
  5. When suddenly surrounded by enemies, Cyclops can use Flicker spells to run away. You can also use it to chase hero weaker enemy.

Well, now that you know Cyclops Furthermore, this MLBB character can be used as one of the hero in your next fight. As a single-eyed dwarf giant with impressive strength, Cyclops is suitable to be used to strengthen the team during war strategy battles.

You can rely on him because he has the capital magical as well as damage power the big one. Also make sure to equip hero this with build items best and pay attention to strategy skills that he has when facing opponents. Have a nice play!

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