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Alberttt is wary of this jungler at the SEA Games, who are they? Games

RRQ Alberttt revealed that there are jungler an enemy that he is quite wary of in the 2022 SEA Games. Who is he?

Alberttt admits he is very wary jungler Philippines, Wise, at the 2022 SEA Games.

“In the SEA Games, Wise, moreover, he won the world yesterday too. It has to be watched out for.” said the pro player whose real name is Albert Neisen Iskandar.

Wise is pro player The Philippines is the main star of the International Blacklist team. Even so, Wise is a person who cannot shine alone without the company of OhMyV33nus who also plays on the same team as him.

Alberttt was still wary of pro player Another Philippines that is not at the 2022 SEA Games. This is because Alberttt still has “business” with the Philippines, because they can still have the opportunity to compete at MSC 2022.

“If outside the SEA Games, be wary of Demonkite from RSG Philippines.”

The two names mentioned by Alberttt were “monsters” that ordinary people could not tame. Wise, an outstanding contributor to Blacklist International who managed to lead his team to consecutive wins at the national level, which was later followed by world-class achievements.

There is also a Demonkite whose ability to play Fanny is far more unreasonable, compared to the average Fanny’s playing ability pro player Indonesia.

Of course it takes a fellow “monster” to be able to tame them, the savage from the Philippines. Can the “Baby Alien” tame the jungler the Philippines? As fans we can only pray for the best for esports Indonesia.

For your information, Alberttt is the person who became ace of the current RRQ Hoshi team. Alberttt’s ability is often the key to victory for the RRQ Hoshi team, including during yesterday’s MPL ID Season 9 where he successfully won the MVP Regular Season title.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this “baby alien” was trusted to come forward to defend the Indonesian nation at the 2022 SEA Games.

Good luck, Alberttt, I hope you can win a gold medal at the 2022 SEA Games, and later at MSC 2022. Make Indonesia proud on the world stage!

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