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These 7 Heroes Have the Potential to Go Crazy During the MSC 2022 Event! Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) is finally here again in 2022 by bringing together 12 teams Mobile Legends esports strongest in Southeast Asia, which of course presents an exciting spectacle both in terms of gameplay as well as election hero which will be used.

After MSC 2022 was successfully held online with Execration (Philippines) as the champion, Moonton, as the developer and organizer of MSC 2022, officially announced that the tournament would be held offline in Malaysia.

This is the second international Mobile Legends tournament to be held offline after the M3 World Championship was also successfully held in Singapore. As we know, offline tournaments are more exciting than online because each team can do psychological warfare directly in front of their opponent

In addition to psywar, the gameplay of the 12 teams participating in MSC 2022 will also be awaited. considering that each region must have gameplay and META used. This gameplay will also affect the selection of heroes that will be used in the upcoming MSC 2022.

these are the heroes that have the potential to go crazy and be up for grabs during the MSC 2022 event. Check out the list below

1. Akai

Since getting revamp, Akai be one hero reliable in competitive tournaments. Akai who now doesn’t have to wait for level 2 to be “useful” can be plotted as Roamers, EXP Lanereven jungler.

Akai has the potential to be more difficult to beat after being leaked MLBB patches next hero in the form of a panda this has ultimate that can’t be canceled apart from Surpress and Morph effects, so it would be hard to avoid if the user hero it can create moments.

If in MPL PH S9 Akai has win rate up to 80%, it’s not impossible at MSC 2022 Akai can give a winning percentage more than that.

2. Fanny

Since getting buff, Fanny Becomes hero para’s top choice jungler in various regions. The MPL ID S9 itself shows just how much player Fanny who went crazy during the tournament, such as Kabuki, Ferxiic, to Alberttt.

Not only Indonesia, the Philippines also has player The most feared Fanny, namely Demonkite, who managed to bring RSG PH to win the MPL PH S9. If there’s no nerf from Moonton, it looks like Fanny will be “imprisoned” in banned list during the MSC 2022 event.

3. Franco

At the moment, player nimble using assassin heroes quite abundant in various MPL regions. Call it Alberttt, Sanz, and Demonkite. No wonder assassin heroes often relied on to be jungler team thanks to its high mobility and hard to catch.

However, that doesn’t mean heroes it doesn’t have counterbecause there is Franco which can give effect Suppress in the easiest way. Franco’s ability is what makes hero with Iron Hook it is often chosen as Roamers a team.

If the META is still the same as it is today, don’t be surprised if Franco will continue to appear in the Land of Dawn MSC, both in-pick as well as in-tire.

4. Karrie

META Tank which is widely used in Season 24 Mobile Legends it makes a name Karrie back to the surface. Marksman who has the nickname “Destroyer” Tank” it has a special power that makes hero armor the opponent has no pride in front of Karrie.

Even though hero this is quite rarely seen in Ranked Match because of the difficulty in early games, this will not apply in competitive tournaments that have good communication so that Karrie users can do Farming comfortably. That’s the reason Karrie has the potential to go crazy at MSC 2022 later.

5. Cecilion

Quite hard to find Mage heroes which has damage height up to late games. Fortunately, there Cecilion who can grant wishes player-player that’s because hero it’s very scary if you have collected stack to the crucial moment.

Cecilion’s existence made the team have backup damage when jungler and Gold Laner no. Besides, Cecilion’s status as one of the high ground heroes strongest makes it difficult for the team to penetrate base as long as Carmila’s lover still exists in the Land of Dawn.

6. Atlas

Had drowned because in-nerf all out, Atlas back to the surface thanks to skills his passive that makes hero opponent hit freeze if you are near Atlas for 3 seconds. Atlas is suitable forcounter heroes aggressive like Hilda or Masha.

As we know, Atlas is hero which can create moments that flatten the opponent in his hands. That’s why Atlas must be wary of at the MSC 2022 event later.

7. Ling

Ling is hero that could best match Fanny’s mobility in the Land of Dawn. Damage consistently owned hero this is from early until late game make Ling will be jungler electives at MSC 2022.

Facts that show that users Assassin quite abundant in the teams participating in MSC 2022 making Ling will be one of the hero to be anticipated, whether to bepick as well as in-tire.

That’s heroes which is potentially contested during the MSC 2022 event later. Seven hero the above is always the prima donna in competitive matches even though it is rarely seen in Ranked Match for rank Legend down.

If the seventh hero above does not get nerf suddenly as they approach MSC 2022, it is certain that they will at least be on the list pick or tire just can’t be missed. On the other hand, if there is nerf that befell the seven hero above, it is not impossible if later it will appear hero unexpected in the Land of Dawn.

MSC 2022 will be held from 11-19 June 2022 and held in Malaysia. Indonesia itself will be represented by RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esportsso don’t forget to echo it #INDOPRIDE to support these two teams to bring home the MSC trophy to Indonesia.

Do you have your own opinion about hero the potential craze at MSC 2022? Write your opinion in the comments column, OK!

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