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ONIC CW Shares Training Experience with Coach James Games

The army of ONIC Esports’ “King of the Sky” would not be complete without the presence of CW, the bringer of havoc for enemies in gold lane with himself. Her extremely reliable ability as a goldlaner proven to be successful in making ONIC Esports fly high as the Sky King in MPL Indonesia Season 9.

Even though in the end in MPL Indonesia Season 9, ONIC Esports failed to win the title back-to-back championat least ONIC managed to secure the position runner-up and direct tickets to MSC 2022.

CW performance as pro player already recognized in the national class, or even in the world class though.

Therefore, it is not surprising at all that CW together with SANZ and Kiboy from ONIC Esports were chosen to be part of the SEA Games national team for sports. Mobile Legends Bang Bangto represent Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

Exclusively to UP Station during the release of the 2022 MLBB SEA Games National Team at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, CW shared stories about himself and the national team.

CW Shares His Experience Training With Coach James

Pro player whose real name is Calvin Winata, you could say he has a little history with Vietnam. The reason is, the country was once a place to compete in Indonesia esports scene Arena of Valor games.

Arena of Valor International Championship 2022, is the name of the competition he used to participate in. At that time, he was still under the e-Sports Brothers banner.

“Back then (had been to Vietnam) in 2022, if I’m not mistaken, because there was a tournament moba next door,” said CW.

Departing from his experience inmoba next door”, CW then switched to the MLBB scene by joining ONIC during MDL ID Season 1.

As a result, both of skills and CW’s flight hours continued to increase, until it reached the point where CW was finally trusted by the state to escort Garuda at the 2022 SEA Games in the sport. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The MLBB formation at the 2022 SEA Games is directly under the guidance of Coach James, who had previously coached RRQ Hoshi.

In the hands of Coach James, RRQ Hoshi managed to win the title in MPL Indonesia Season 5 and 6.

CW also has its own impression of Coach James, which incidentally is the first time he has become a coach on CW and other non-RRQ national team friends.

“James knows when to joke and when to be serious.”

As per the CW’s description of James, James as coach is quite a figure humble to player-his. James did not hesitate to give sweet compliment to playerit’s when they perform very well.

However, on the other hand, James can also release his anger in certain situations, such as at the time of the result scrim MLBB national team leaked to the public.

Also, CW gave further explanation regarding his experience during training at the 2022 SEA Games. CW believes that ONIC Esports has a fairly fluid atmosphere during training, when compared to the atmosphere of training with the national team.

“If you are in the national team, you really have to be uncomfortable. If you’re in a team, you can still joke around. Well, in the national team it is serious.”

CW and friends from the national team will fight to defend Indonesia in Indonesia group stage SEA Games 2022 sports cabang Mobile Legends Bang Bang which will take place as of May 18, 2022.

Let’s pray for the best for Indonesia in order to make the nation proud in the eyes of the international community!

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