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Agile and Tough, Here's How to Play Fanny Mobile Legends!

Fanny Mobile Legends is one of the assassin heroes which is quite popular among MLBB players, from beginners to professionals. Hero armed with a sword and steel cable is not only tough and agile, but also capable of causing damage high level on the opponent he was facing. If you like an aggressive playing rhythm, Fanny deserves to be hero top choice.

The Story of Fanny Mobile Legends, The Hero Assassin

Her real name is Fanny Wertz, Fanny Mobile Legends is the youngest daughter of the Wertz family. He is the younger brother of Tank heroes, Tigreal, who had previously joined the army of soldiers in the Moniyan Kingdom where they lived. In the kingdom, only men were allowed to become members of the army. Meanwhile, women must always protect themselves from the threat of war. Unlike the other women in the neighborhood, Fanny has had a different point of view since childhood. He wants to join the fight like his brother and prove his formidable fighting skills. Even though she’s just an ordinary person, Fanny has always dreamed of being able to fly freely and swing between cliffs and mountain peaks using steel cable hers.

At first, Tigreal was against his brother’s wishes for fear that he would be in danger. However, over time, Fanny continued to convince her sister that she could join the army of the royal soldiers and join the fight in the war. After going through long training sessions and challenging adventures, Fanny’s dream has finally come true. He was named assassin elite in the Order of the Imperial Knights. His skills with knives and steel cable as the main weapon makes him dubbed as Blade Dancer.

Tough Skills

Combo Skill FannyUsing Sang Blade Dancer in war won’t be optimal if you don’t know Fanny skill combo. This is how four works skills strong owned Fanny Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill: Air Superiority

Skills which works when Fanny is flying this can give damage ranges from 15-30% against enemies. Hero the opponent hit by the attack will also get the effect Prey Markwhich is a sign of energy regeneration that will provide additional power for Fanny by 10-20%.

Skill 1: Tornado Strike

With skills With this, Fanny can spin her sword and launch an attack on the closest enemy within range cooldown 2-4 seconds. Physical Attack caused by Tornado Strike is high enough to reach 90% if Fanny uses items the right one and has been in level on.

Skill 2: Steel Cable

Steel Cable is skills Fanny is the most reliable to attack the opponent. When using skills In this case, Fanny can swing while slashing her sword, making it difficult for her enemies to dodge. You can also change the direction of your jumps and attacks every two seconds to trick and weaken your opponent’s defenses.

Ultimate Skill: Cut Throat

When fighting enemies with ultimate skills hers, Fanny can launch effect attacks burst damage up to 240%. Damage The damage will be higher if the enemy is hit Prey Mark from skills passive which has already been launched. Unfortunately, the range cooldown skills This is fairly long, which is about 30 seconds. So, you still have to use it wisely and in an urgent situation.

The Most Powerful Build, Emblem, and Spell Options

Fanny's best spell

Skills Fanny Mobile Legends and the combination of passive abilities as well as ultimatehe is known to be tough. However, you still need a choice builds, emblems, as well as spell in order to create a more optimal attack.

1. Build

Here are some recommendations items which would be advantageous when fighting in war.

  • Athena’s Shield: Create shield which can increase Fanny’s defense for 30 seconds. The hero will also receive an additional +62 Magical DefenseHP by 900 points, and HP Regen 20 points.
  • Bloodlust Ax: Give extra Cooldown Reduction by +10% and Physical Attack +70 points. If Fanny uses Spell Vampthe attribute will also be given an additional +20%.
  • Queen’s Wings: Defense items which is able to provide an additional +1000 HP. Apart from increasing Physical Attack and Cooldown Reduction, skills it also has a passive effect in the form of an additional Physical Lifesteal and subtraction damage which Fanny received from her enemy.
  • Raptor Machete: Jungle items which will provide additional Damage, Physical Attack, as well as Physical Penetration with a passive effect in the form of an additional 50 points True Damage on Basic Attack.
  • Warrior Boots: Upgrade Movement Speed by 40 points and +22 Physical Defense. Points Physical Defense will also increase 5 times due to its unique passive effect items

2. Emblem

As assassin heroesFanny can use Killing Spree as one of the emblem its mainstay. Fanny’s Emblem this one can improve Movement Speed which makes the hero move more effectively when engaged in team fight. In addition, Fanny will also get an additional 15% HP regen so that she can be stronger to survive in battle.

Besides emblem special for assassin heroes, Fanny can also use Jungle Emblemespecially Festival of Blood. Fanny can use it to reduce the effect Spell Vampstrengthen Shield Gainand increase Lifesteal.

3. Spell

Spell Fanny’s best the most recommended is Purify and Retribution. Purify is spell which will help eliminate all negative effects Fanny has received. As a result, Fanny’s immunity level will increase for 1.8 seconds with an additional Movement Speed by 30%.

Meanwhile, Retribution is battle spells which can help Fanny level up when farming. Spell it will give effect True Damage to jungle monsters. If you wear them together jungle itemsFanny can lower the level damage which he received when attacked by a monster.

Counter Hero Fanny Should Beware of

Counter Hero Fanny

Although known for its toughness, Fanny Mobile Legends still have to strengthen the defense when dealing with a row counter hero that could threaten him. A number of counter hero Fanny the ones you have to watch out for are Zilong, Khufra, Saber, Kaja, Moskov, as well as his own older brother, Tigreal.

When facing a row hero With that, Fanny can launch a combination skills as well as options build powerful that will strengthen the level of attack as well as strengthen the defense.

Those are some strategies that you can use as a guide when choosing Fanny Mobile Legends as hero mainstay. Fanny is indeed famous as Assassin tough and not easy to beat. With combination skills, builds, as well as the best playing tricks, this will certainly make it easier for you to master war. Dare to try it?

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