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From Skills to Spells, These are Tips for Playing Ruby Mobile Legends!

have two role at the same time as Tank and FighterRuby being one hero in Mobile Legends whose action is the most calculated. However, the privilege Ruby Mobile Legends not limited to double roles just. Hero this one from a remote village in the Dark Forest has the ability lifesteal which is really powerful. Once slashed, the enemy will be increasingly difficult to weaken, let alone kill him.

Row skills Ruby’s property also makes it worthy of being a mainstay top tier. You can maximize all abilities hero this with build, emblemand collaboration together counter hero best. Check out the full review here!

Get acquainted with Ruby Mobile Legends

Ruby Emblem

Character Ruby Mobile Legends inspired by popular children’s fairy tale characters, Little Red Riding Hood. This is evidenced by the main appearance of the hero who was clad in red clothes ranging from dresses, boots, to long robes. One thing that makes Ruby more unique than the little girl in the red robe is her left eye which is covered with a patch. Turns out, Ruby’s patched left eye is a testament to her heroic deed. Ruby is told against the same antagonist in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, namely the bad wolf. It is said that a pack of wolves with their king, Pale Tusk, attacked the remote village where Ruby lived and killed the innocent people there, including her grandparents.

Ruby, who witnessed the incident, mustered all the courage to fight a pack of wolves that attacked her village. By relying on the scythe as a weapon, he managed to get rid of all the wolves, leaving only the king. Unfortunately, Pale Tusk who was starting to get cornered actually scratched and injured Ruby’s left eye. From then on, the hero also have to live with one eye closed. Despite her dark past, Ruby becomes hero strong that you can always rely on. Sweet appearance hero This often deceives the opponent because behind her red dress and robes, Ruby keeps the ability lifesteal a formidable force that can wipe out all enemies.

Ruby’s Deadly Skill

Ruby's best spells

Ruby Mobile Legends have three skills active and one passive. In order to take advantage of skill combos Ruby and produce damage the maximum, first understand the explanation of each of the following abilities.

  • Skills one, Be Good: Every time Ruby does slash on the opponent in front of him, he will inflict damage by 80 with 60% total physical attack. The opponent will also be affected slow for two seconds with a power reaching 40%. On the other hand, Ruby will get an additional 65% attack power.
  • Skills two, Don’t Run, Wolf King: Skills it will produce effect stun within 0.5 seconds of Ruby turning her scythe. At the same time, Ruby will also get extra physical attack 55% or 60 points.
  • Skills three, I’m Offended: Moment skills When this is activated, Ruby will attack forward and pull all opponents closer. As a result, the attack had an effect stun on the opponent for 0.5 seconds and an additional 200% physical attack for the hero.
  • passive skills, Let’s Dance: Regarded as skills most profitable, Let’s Dance give Ruby the ability physical lifesteal by 10% and additional effect of 115% of equipment which it uses. In addition, Ruby can also improve physical and magical defense Everything can be done in the blink of an eye.

Tips for Playing Ruby

Counter Hero Ruby

Want to play Ruby Mobile Legends more optimally? Here are more complete tips—from build until hero counter—to support the hero dominate the fight.

1. Sick Emblems and Builds

With the main ability in the form of lifestealRuby is best suited to use effects for para fighter heroes. In team fights, emblem Ruby will work more optimally if you focus on strengthening Shield, Firmnessand Persistence.

Here are some recommendations items which can be build mainstay for Ruby Mobile Legends.

  • Warrior Boots/Tough Boots: Second items this will optimize the ability movement You can use them interchangeably. Warrior Boots to face the opponent with physical damagewhereas Tough Boots for the dominant opponent in magical damage.
  • Haas’s Claws: Items which will have an effect physical lifesteal qualified for the opposing group. With items At this point, Ruby doesn’t need to hesitate to attack.
  • Endless Battle: When wearing Endless BattleRuby can increase the effect lifesteal at the same time add cooldown reduction. As a result, basic attack it will increase sharply.
  • Oracle: Defense items this is items mandatory which not only amplifies the effect lifestealbut also increase HP, cooldown reductionas well as magical defense. Oracle also comes with a passive ability that can increase shield absorption.

2. The Most Powerful Battle Spells

At least, there are three spell Ruby’s best that you can rely on in the middle of a fight, that is Flicker, Executeand Vengeance. When wearing Flicker, Ruby Mobile Legends it will be easier to move in various directions he wants, both to attack and avoid the enemy. However, if you are the type of player who prefers to attack, Flicker more suitable for use. up close, spell this will amplify the effect damage on the opponent for an additional 200 points. Meanwhile, Vengeance spells you can use if Ruby is surrounded by enemies because spell it will cause a reflection magic damage which is more potent.

3. The Most Effective Counter Hero

If you are on the opposing team and want to knock out Ruby more easily, you should choose counter hero Ruby which has the ability to be effective. Here are some options hero which can be used:

  • Diggies: Hero this will make teammates immune to attacks from skills third belongs to Ruby. Diggie also has skills The main character who can withstand Ruby’s attacks to escape avoids it.
  • Akai: Akai’s ability to create attacks will have an effect stun for Ruby. When used at the right time, skills Akai can make Ruby not move and more easily defeated.
  • Kagura: With CC effect and slow Kagura’s, Ruby’s movement can be restrained in an instant. Attempts to weaken it will be easier and faster.
  • Kaja: Although less desirable than hero On the other hand, Kaja turns out to have the ability to weaken Ruby when using skills Numbers 1 and 3 belong to him.

After following the various tips and recommendations above, you can play Ruby Mobile Legends in war more optimally. You will also be better prepared to prove your abilities when clearing all enemies from the opposing team. Ready to try it? Play now!

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