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Master the War with Akai Mobile Legends: Here's How!

Hailing from the countryside of East Kawa, Akai Mobile Legends At first, it was just an ordinary panda who lived and did activities with other pandas. With his chubby stature and somewhat clumsy nature, he loves to eat, relax, and roll around in the meadows. However, behind it all, Akai also has a dream of becoming a strong and tough fighter.

Akai’s obsession drives him to keep practicing every day, thereby attracting the attention of a monk who happens to be passing through the village. From the monk, he learned Kung Fu martial arts, skills martial arts which further led him to become a true warrior.

At first glance, Akai’s story and character are not much different from Po’s character in the animated film Kung Fu Panda. In the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Akai is introduced as Tank heroes armed with sticks or flail as well as a big heavy ball. He is also in the line hero popular that many players choose because skills self-defense who is able to master war.

Akai Mobile Legends Skills

Akai Emblem

One of the important steps to play Akai Mobile Legends is to understand the power of each skills which he has. The following is an explanation of the unique abilities and skill combos Akai which you can use.

Passive Skill: Tai Chi

Skills This passive will provide a shield (shield) to Akai while absorbing the level damage up to 6% of the maximum HP it has. The shield will activate for 2 seconds every time Akai uses skills other. Tai Chi has a range cooldown for 2.5 seconds.

Skill 1: Thousand Pounder

With skills With this, Akai can jump to various locations on the battlefield. At the same time, he also gets an additional +50% Physical Attack in the range of 300-550 points. As a result, enemies hit by Akai’s attack will experience physical damage serious and slowed movement by 30% for 2 seconds. If the enemy is already marked Blender Mark before, he will also feel the effects stunned moment.

Skill 2: Blender

When activating Blender, Akai emits a frog-shaped shockwave in any direction you want. If the wave hits the enemy, the opponent will receive Physical Damage extra along Blender Mark for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, Akai himself received an addition Physical Attack +120% with points increasing with each attack.

Ultimate Skill: Hurricane Dance

Ultimate skills this will make the panda spin like a tornado for 3.5 seconds. The resulting effect is unmitigated. In every round, Akai is able to sweep clean crowd controlfight and silence the enemy, increase Physical Damageadd Movement Speedto be immune to the slowing effects of the enemy.

Best Spell for Akai

Akai's best spell

From a row spell which can be played and combined with skills his, Akai’s best spells is Petrify, Flickerand Execute. Petrify Spell or stun able to work optimally when used with Skill 1, Thousand Pounders. As spell subscribe to hero Tanks like Akai Mobile Legends, spell this can paralyze your enemy for a while.

Meanwhile, Flicker is spell which serves to increase Akai’s mobility so that he can escape when he is in a threatened position. Skills third, Execute, is spell which is advantageous if you use Akai in sidelaner or offlaner. In addition to being able to kill the closest enemy silently, battle spells it will also provide extra physical damage against your opponent.

Recommended Builds and Emblems

Counter Hero Akai

Damage Akai Mobile Legends which is fairly high will increase if you use a number of recommendations build the following. Check out the function for each one items so as not to make the wrong choice when planning an attack strategy.

  • Blade of Despair: Give extra physical damage which is extra large while increasing Movement Speed to make Akai’s mobility more effective. Addition damage presented Blade of Despair can reach +25% so can slaughter hero even the toughest.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Reduce physical defense enemy so that Akai will more easily attack and defeat the opponent. Damage The damage will be greater if the enemy has been hit Blender Mark of Skill 2. In addition, items this can also increase the maximum amount of HP that Akai has.
  • Corrosion Scythe: Give extra attack speed up to +60% at once effect slow on approaching enemies. As a result, the enemy will be difficult to dodge when Akai begins to launch an attack.
  • Golden Staff: One of items which Akai must use. Golden Staff presents a passive effect that can increase attack speed as well as physical damage from Akai’s attack. If used together tank emblem, damage inflicted will be greater so that Akai is more difficult to defeat.
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: Defense items mainstay that provides an additional 1000 HP for Akai. Not quite up there, items it can also support Blender Mark by adding levels damage up to 50 points on each hit.

Besides build items qualified, Akai emblem the most appropriate target also needs to be known. If it is made hero main role as Tankyou can use Tenacity emblem, Concussive Blastand Brave Smite. However, if it becomes hero supportAkai is more suitable to use Focusing Mark emblem and Pull yourself together which supports his ability to attack and defend himself.

Counter Hero Akai

Combo Skill Akai

Although famous for being tough, that doesn’t mean Akai Mobile Legends can’t be beat. There are a number of counter hero Akai to watch out for because it has special abilities that can ward off the panda’s attacks, including ultimate skills a tornado dance.

A number of hero Popular ones who can ward off and counterattack against Akai are Diggie, Saber, Nana, and Eudora. In addition, a line Fighter heroes such as Chou, Kaja, and Khaleed must also be given extra attention and strategy so that Akai remains difficult to beat.

With skills, builds, as well as the right playing strategy, Akai Mobile Legends deserves to be chosen as hero mainstay that will help you master the battlefield easily. You can use the information above as a guide to optimize the strength of the hero when you have to face your opponent. Have fun playing and be a winner!

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