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Todak Ciku admits the Indonesian team is a tough opponent for his team Games

After winning the MPL Malaysia Season 9 title, TODAK is now preparing to represent Malaysia at the 2022 SEA Games in Vietnam. Ahead of the event, Ciku then revealed that one of the teams that would be his team’s toughest opponent in the future.

In the interview after receiving the MPL Malaysia Season 9 trophy, Ciku said that he and his team were very wary of the Indonesian team at the 2022 SEA Games.

Ciku admitted that this was none other than a team from Indonesia, which was filled with star players from three Mobile Legends teams in Indonesia, namely RRQ Hoshi, ONIC and EVOS Legends.

“I think the toughest rival for the Malaysian team will probably be Indonesia. Because their players can be said to be all star players from Indonesia. Because it’s a bit difficult for the Malaysian team,” explained Ciku

Despite claiming that it is the Indonesian Mobile Legends team that he is most wary of at the 2022 SEA Games, Ciku is so optimistic that he can bring home the gold trophy for Malaysia.

Unlike the Mobile Legends team from other countries for the 2022 SEA Games. The team from Indonesia actually consists of different teams. This row of selected players was previously declared to have passed the national training some time ago.

The seven players selected for the 2022 SEA Games include Albert Neilsen Iskandar (RRQ Albert), Rivaldi Fatah (RRQ R7), Calvin (RRQ Vyn), Calvin Winata (ONIC CW), Gilang (ONIC Sanz), Nicky Fernando Pontuwuwu (ONIC Kiboy). ) and Ihsan Besari Kusudana (EVOS Luminaire).

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