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7 GTA Tips You Must Know as a Beginner!

Who, anyway, doesn’t know Grand Theft Auto (GTA)? so popular, games this is even so familiar among non-players. Even though it is games legacy—first developed in April 1995 and launched in October 1997—games under the auspices of Rockstar Games this is timeless. Various updates continue to be made; including launching the world’s second-highest-selling version of GTA: Grand Theft Auto V which can be played online on line and multiplayer.

So far, there are seven versions games GTA consisting of four spin-off game and four game expansion which still carries the genre free roam adventure. GTA I and II, released in 1997 and 1999, at which time, graphics technology and new playable on the PlayStation 1. Two years later (2001), Rockstar Games developed engine new on PlayStation 2 and launched a third version: GTA 3 followed by an HD version: Grand Theft Auto IV.

As for after, the GTA series began to appear. The seventh installment of the GTA franchise, namely San Andreas, for example. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas even has a long life of glory, because this series has a number of advantages, including only requiring light hardware specifications; various maps; ease of access; swimming mode; until it can be played multiplayer.

As the latest release, Grand Theft Auto V also comes with a number of interesting features. Among them, having three main characters in one timeline; the player can choose his own mission; modern and brighter visuals; choice mod according to preference; and available in an online version: Grand Theft Auto Online.

Start Playing GTA

grand theft auto v

There is interesting news. Now, several versions of GTA such as GTA San Andreas are available in versions mobile. This means, you don’t have to provide a computer or laptop with great specifications and can flexibly play GTA anytime and anywhere. Priced at a fairly affordable price—under Rp. 100 thousand—several platforms for smartphone application providers, such as the PlayStore or the AppStore, already provide this feature. download GTA for Android, you know. So, you only need to adjust the version of GTA you want to play with the minimum required specifications.

The stages, you can type keywords and choose the type of game, such as download GTA 5, press the purchase button, then select a payment method. Several common payment methods are available, such as bank transfers, minimarkets, pulses, and even Gopay. After that, you just need to wait for the download process to finish and games already installed on the mobile device.

Some sites also provide options download GTA, even for free. Even so, this method is not recommended, yes. The reason is, instead of being able to download GTA, you may be redirected to download a virus that can be very dangerous for your device.

Tips for Playing GTA as a Beginner

grand theft auto iv

Once installed, you can start playing GTA right away. Say, you want to play Grand Theft Auto V. The first step you have to do is create a character. This stage is quite interesting, because you can not only adjust the appearance of the character in terms of height, skin color, or clothes used.

You can also choose based on three things: heritage, lifestyle, and appearance. Heritage directs you to a character’s background based on DNA; lifestyle will direct you to different activities that affect your character’s abilities (stamina, strength, and shooting); and the last one appearance will direct you to how the character will look, including skin color, hair, and other details. If it is well represented, you can give it a name, then press the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

Well, especially for beginners, you can try completing tutorial missions to practice. You will be picked up by GTA characters and introduced to several GTA missions that you can play on line with other players. At this stage, you will begin to familiarize yourself with various tools, activities, and missions available in the game.

Here are ten tips for playing GTA as a beginner, which can help you ‘level up’!

1. Collect Rewards

Even if you are on a tutorial mission, collecting as many important rewards as possible, especially if you want to quickly ‘rank up’. When you complete the mission, you will get Reputation Points (RP) and money. This RP is important to determine your rank—especially in GTA V Online. Meanwhile, the money you have earned can be used to buy weapons or other attributes.

2. Study the Map

Studying maps is one of the skills important in GTA V—especially in knowing the details of icons and characteristics of a region. After enough familiar With the map, you can start exploring the game area. For the fastest route, you can also use a vehicle.

3. Participate in Online Competitions

Now, if you have passed the two stages above, you can start participating in online competitions (online matches). The goal, besides being able to increase RP, is also so that you can add money. The higher the rank you want, the more RP you should get. You can check the map for the location of the online competition. Other sources of RP include challenging other players to play golf/other activities.

4. Game Mode for More Rewards

Especially in GTA V Online, you can find several modes multiplayer which can lead you to more rewards. As the name implies, a number of modes such as Free Mode, Race, etc. require you to cooperate with other players. This method is more effective, because the RP you generate is 20% greater than playing alone.

5. Police Beware

Just like in the real world, you have to be careful with the police. Do not let you be suspected or trigger the police to act aggressively (indicator: wanted levels). However, if you’ve already been chased, make sure you don’t get caught to avoid being fined, OK?

6. Good Quality Weapons and Vehicles

Don’t forget to always update the quality of your weapons and vehicles. Both are important as your provision to gain RP more productively. Well, if it’s getting higher, remember to increase the ability of your character.

7. Save Money in the Bank

Now, while looking for money to be able to upgrade weapons and vehicles, you can save money in a bank online. The reason is, the higher your level, the more people who want to ‘kill’ your character. Saving money in the bank will minimize the risk of losing a lot of money, if at any time someone wants to rob or even kill you.

Those are some explanations regarding Grand Theft Auto and tips for playing as a beginner. You can buy vouchers or do top up GTA balance or other types of digital games by visiting Unipin.

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