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Selection of the best Android VR games that really feel real

VR is a technology that can create real-world simulations, such as the atmosphere of a city abroad or the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest. VR technology can also make our imaginations come true, for example when we want to see a medieval atmosphere.

VR technology has been widely used for several things, one of which is to play games. Games VR can also be played via Android phones and now has a variety of choices best android VR games.

best vr games on android

In VR technology, we can not only see the new world of reality, but also can interact directly. This can be done by simulating all the senses to be able to further see, hear, smell, and feel touch.

To use VR technology, additional tools are needed which are commonly known as VR head-mounted display (HMD) which must be mounted on the head. Best VR games on android can be played does not have to be with an expensive HMD, Google Cardboard alone is enough.

Apart from being used in gamesVR technology can also be found in various activities, such as:

1. Virtual Meeting

Before Zoom was known as it is today, virtual meetings usually used VR technology. Similar to Zoom, meeting participants simply enter into the application. In the VR application, we will enter a virtual room with other participants in the form of avatars.

2. Training or Simulation

VR technology is also applied in professional trainings and special simulations. Several trainings and simulations can be carried out, such as special surgical training for doctors or simulations of flying special aircraft for prospective pilots.

The two simulation examples above show that VR can help people to update their skills and knowledge. This can be done without having to do it for real.

3. Teaching and Learning Process

VR technology can also be used in the teaching and learning process, especially for children. An attractive VR video display will make them excited and enthusiastic about learning. The explanations from the teachers will also be easier to convey.

android vr games collection

VR technology can also be used in play games. To be able to start playing best android VR gamesyou should first prepare the following things:

1. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a kind of sensor used to measure or stabilize orientation by applying the principle of angular momentum. When we activate VR that has been connected to a smartphone, we need a gyroscope so that games can be oriented.

First, check whether the phone you are using already has a gyroscope or not.

2. Qualified Phone Specifications

Videos or games VR requires at least the latest in mobile hardware. The phone needs to be equipped with accelerometer as a sensor for acceleration. This sensor is very necessary, especially when playing games.

When we shake the smartphone from left to right, the sensor accelerometer will also detect and move to the left, and vice versa. This sensor is very useful, especially when playing games race themed.

3. Large Screen Size

To play best android VR games free surely the phone must have an adequate screen. Phones with small screens certainly won’t make games happy to play.

The minimum screen size of the phone is at least 6 inches for comfort in playing games. The bigger the screen size, the games will be more comfortable to play using VR.

4. VR Device

The last thing you need to prepare to be able to play games VR on android phone of course its VR device. There are many choices of VR devices on the market, ranging from cheap ones like Google Cardboard to expensive versions with various advantages.

VR devices must be able to be controlled via cellphone and have various buttons that function to run virtual games.

Selection of the Best VR Games for Android

Some choices best android VR games that can be played, including:

1. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

best android vr games free

For those who miss playing roller coaster on the playground, this one game can be tried. For those who haven’t dared to try climbing roller coaster real, games This can also be the right choice to try to feel the sensation.

There are many theme rides available inside games. From the visual side, players can choose the visual appearance to be real or animated. Carrying the 360-degree concept, players can also see the surrounding scenery.

2. VR Fantasy

android vr game recommendation

Fans of series or fantasy stories must try games this one. Players will take on the role of a knight who explores dungeons filled with monsters.

Explore every room and find hidden treasures. Graphics and animation gamesit’s good enough, suitable for children to play.

3. Minos Starfighter VR

fun vr android game

Space adventure themed, games This VR carries a first-person perspective as a pilot of a spaceship. The visual appearance is practically perfect, so it makes players feel at home playing for a long time games this.

Games are also supported by unplayable audio, making it almost like playing on a console games. The developer is trying very hard so that games can run optimally on all phones, especially Android phones.

4. Haunted Rooms : Escape VR

best android vr horror game

Want to test your guts by playing games? Haunted Rooms: Escape VR can certainly be tried. The main objective of the game is to escape from the room. Same as games thriller On the other hand, there are all kinds of tense and scary things.

3D graphics support and amazing sound make games This one is worth trying by everyone, especially fans of the horror or mystery genre.

5. The Deep

best vr android games

For those who love the sea and adventure, best VR games on android this one can also be an option. Feel the thrill of diving and complete the challenges given.

The three-dimensional graphics are so supportive that they look real. The right strategy is needed in order to survive the pursuit of predatory sharks that continue to threaten players in the game.

How? Interested in playing best android VR games? Come on, immediately equip your cellphone with VR equipment to be able to play various kinds games Another VR.

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