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Complete Your Phone with 8 Favorite Offline Android RPG Games of All Time

Talk about genre games, of course it will be difficult if we mention one by one. However, we can agree that one of the genres games The most popular are RPGs. Reported from Gamebrott, branching storylines, interesting characters, unique music, to the system crafting gear depth is one of the advantages and characteristics games RPGs.

Because of these characteristics, it is not surprising that this genre has managed to attract a lot of interest gamer, especially in Indonesia. Reporting from the Daily Social, a survey conducted by Agate Studio shows that RPG is side by side with the strategy genre and FPS as three genres. games most popular in Indonesia.

Recommendation Games Android RPG Offline Favorite

The development of Android devices and operating systems, as well as internet technology has contributed to the proliferation games RPG for this platform. Plus, with the presence of an emulator program, you can try various games games for Android from your computer or laptop.

Part games RPG does carry the concept online games. However, there are 8 games Android RPG offline which is also an all time favorite choice. What are the options? Check out the short review below!

1. Ethernium

lightweight offline rpg android game

First released in 2022, Eternium became one of the all-time favorite under the auspices of the RPG genre. Games it still has a sizeable fan base and gets regular updates. Reporting from Games Catalyst, the game made by Making Fun Inc. this was inspired by games classics like Torchlight and Diablo.

You can choose a character Mage, Warrioror Bounty Hunter in Eternium and gain about 20 skills or spell. Uniquely, to use spell or skillsyou just need to draw simple shapes on the phone screen. Games You can get this RPG from the Google Play Store for free and play it for free offline.

2. Final Fantasy Series

fun offline android rpg game

Starting from the OGgames RPG for Nintendo in 1987, Final Fantasy developed into one of the cult classic and franchise the biggest in the world gaming. There are dozens of Final Fantasy titles for Android, including games “moving” from the console. One of the options offline worth checking out is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Released in 2022, games this is the result of the collaboration of Square Enix and Alim. As a result, games it becomes kind of fusion between Final Fantasy and Brave Frontier. Characters Espersas in other FF titles, also appears in games this. You can download games it’s from Google Play Store for free.

3. Ravensword: Shadowlands

rpg game android offline hd graphics

Released in 2022, Ravensword: Shadowlands is the successor games previously, Ravensword: The Fallen King. With concept open world, games made by Crescent Moon Games will invite you to uncover the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas. You are also tasked with winning to restore the glory of the kingdom.

As in games Another RPG, you can collect various items and weapons, as well as developing skills to fight the enemy. In Ravensword: Shadowland, you can also switch from first person view to third person view or vice versa easily. Games RPG offline This is priced at 94 thousand rupiah on the Google Play Store.

4. Chaos Rings Series

best android rpg games offline

Besides franchise Final Fantasy, Square Enix also released Chaos Rings, series games No less popular RPG. installation first released in 2010 for the iOS platform. However, games it was eventually available for other platforms, including Android and Windows. His newest entry, Chaos Rings III was released in 2022.

Chaos Rings III is considered to be installment most popular. In games In this, there are 5 playable characters. You will come to Neo Paleo city to become a explorer and continue the journey to the main destination, Marble Blue Planet. You can buy Chaos Rings III from the Google Play Store for 189 thousand rupiah.

5. The World Ends with You

top android rpg games offline

For fans games with a more modern setting such as One Punch Man, The World Ends with You is worthy of a glance. Games This RPG was originally present for the Nintendo DS, but the Android version was later released in 2022. Unlike other Square Enix releases, games It uses Shibuya, Tokyo as the backdrop.

The World Ends with You places you as Neku Sakuraba, a teenage boy who gets a strange text message. After that, you have to go through a struggle between life and death in a game that lasts for three weeks. The World Ends with You is priced at 209 thousand rupiah on the Google Play Store.

6. Dragon Quest series

list of offline android rpg games

Square Enix titles still dominate list this. The Dragon Quest series is one of the game franchises The most popular cross-platform RPG. installation first released in 1986 for Nintendo. Dragon Quest also has several spin-off. The series has even been adapted into novels, manga, and anime.

For Android, some installment Dragon Quest comes as games paid. However, you can download Dragon Quest of the Stars for free. This game comes with masterpiece characters mangakaAkira Toriyama, as well as fashion multiplayer. Dragon Quest Tact is also available for free and offers even more adorable graphics.

7. The Last Remnant

collection of offline android rpg games

Games This RPG is actually quite “old”. Nonetheless, The Last Remnant became one of the cult classic RPGs. Released in 2008, games made by Square Enix was initially available for Xbox and Windows. Its Android and iOS versions were released in late 2022, 11 years after the pioneers came out.

The Last Remnant presents a world inhabited by four groups, namely Mitra, Yama, Qsiti, and Sovanis. The peace of this world was disturbed due to the wars that were instigated by remnant, magical artifacts. Offered as offline gamesYou can get The Last Remnant at a price of 199 thousand rupiah from the Google Play Store.

8. Witch Spring series

favorite RPG game

Last number list games Favorite RPG is occupied by the Witch Spring series. Games made by a company from South Korea, Kiwi Walks was first released in 2022. installation most recently, Witch Spring 4 was released in 2022. The game series is available for iOS, Android, and TapTap platforms.

To date, there are four games in this series. Focusing on the struggles of a witch, Witch Spring and Witch Spring 2 are set in the Vavelia continent. Meanwhile, Witch Spring 3 and 4 use different place settings. Witch Spring comes as games paid at a price of 13-76 thousand rupiah on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, Witch Spring 2 Lite comes as a free option.

That’s 8 choices games Android RPG offline favorite all the time worth your try. A number of games what is mentioned is indeed games paid. If you are interested in buying it, you can use your Google Play balance. Visit UniPin to buy vouchers Google Play. There are various nominal that can be chosen according to need. The various payment methods available will also facilitate your transaction process.

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