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7 Favorite Hero From RRQ Hoshi Player! Games

RRQ is one of the biggest esports teams in Indonesia. The best team that RRQ has is RRQ Hoshi who is included in the Mobile Legends division.

RRQ Hoshi is the most successful team in MPL Indonesia, having won three MPL ID titles over eight seasons of the tournament. RRQ Hoshi is also considered a legend in the world of Mobile Legends.

RRQ Hoshi’s success in the Mobile Legends tournament is certainly inseparable from the team’s favorite hero. If you use player RRQ Hoshi’s favorite hero, victory is certain for this king team.

Which heroes are the favorites of the RRQ Hoshi team? Here’s the list!

1. Ling

Ling is the most feared hero on the opposing team when used by RRQ Hoshi’s favorite Jungler, Albert. The term “Ling can only be used by Albert” is not an exaggeration, because RRQ Hoshi will definitely win if Albert uses Ling.

In MPL ID S7, Albert plays Ling 4 times in Regular Season with a win rate of 100%. This data forced other MPL teams to respect Ling Albert for this eighth season.

2. Akai

Since the beginning of MPL ID’s presence in Indonesia, Akai seems inseparable from the RRQ team. One of Akai’s top users is Liam who managed to bring RRQ O2 to win MPL ID season 2.

Apart from Liam, of course we can’t forget Vyn’s rescue action, when using Akai in the MPL ID S6 Grand Final. Akai Vyn was able to withstand Alter Ego attacks and managed to restore the situation. Vyn and Akai managed to bring RRQ Hoshi to become the MPL ID S6 champion.

3. Chou

Chou is a flexible fighter hero because he can be used as an Offlaner and Tanker. Roamer RRQ Hoshi players like Vyn and LJ often use Chou as a tank in MPL ID.

However, the public will surely remember that R7 is very adept at using Chou as an Offlaner. The high mechanics of R7 and Chou’s full skill make the enemy team burden when R7 clashes with his Chou.

4. Kagura

If we talk about Kagura’s hero, the most memorable player is Lemon. This RRQ team icon is known as a very annoying Kagura user, especially his action against EVOS in the MPL ID S2 Grand Final.

Kagura is still the main choice for Midlaner RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID. We can still see Kagura being used by RRQ Hoshi players like Clay and Vyn, even though Lemon has decided to take a break in season eight.

5. Granger

Granger is a popular Jungler for Mobile Legends players, including RRQ Hoshi. Albert and Xin always use this hero when Ling is banned by the opposing team.

Granger is also a favorite of RRQ’s Marksman King, Tuturuu. Even though they have retired from the professional scene, Tuturuu and Granger’s actions in the M1 Mobile Legends World Championship will always be remembered by RRQ Kingdom.

6. Yve

The new generation of RRQ Hoshi presents a new mainstay hero who brought his team to victory in the pro scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia. Clayyy was already one of them who was very dangerous when he got the hero Yve.

Clayyy who is now the main Mid Laner of RRQ Hoshi is known as a player with good positioning, which makes it difficult for opponents to finish him off.

That’s why Yve was a perfect match for Clayy. With the right positioning, Yve from Clayyy is able to deal painful damage without having to worry about being eliminated because his position is difficult for the opponent to reach, plus Hoshi’s RRQ backup is always good.

No wonder Yve from Clayyy often gets respect bans from his opponents when playing in competitive tournaments.

7. Beatrix

Another hero of the new generation of RRQ Hoshi is Beatrix, who is now synonymous with Skylar. The most mechanical Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends is too strong to be released for RRQ Hoshi.

Skylar in the previous 2 seasons was in the shadow of Lemon and Xinnn, now incarnated as one of the dangerous Gold Laners in the Land of Dawn. It all started with Beatrix’s gameplay, which always troubled the enemy.

thus the favorite heroes from the RRQ Hoshi team. These heroes have brought RRQ Hoshi to Victory and this team has won 3 MPL ID trophies, as well as many other international trophies.

Is one of the heroes above also your favorite hero?

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