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Tips for Counter Natalia Mobile Legends Games

Natalia Mobile Legends is known as a walking danger, this Hero can still be defeated with a few existing counters.

Natalia is an Assassin hero that is quite deadly in the Mobile Legends game, with skills that are included with a combination of sick damage levels, making her an Overpower hero for several Mobile Legends players. However, there are advantages and disadvantages, as well as Natalia where the strength of the hero can be reduced with the right counters.

Well, this time, the Dunia Games team will give you a way to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends. Let’s see in more detail.

Use Natalia’s Hero Counter

The most effective way to fight heroes, of course, is to use a counter-hero. So if there is a Natalia hero in the Mobile Legends match, make sure to use our recommended heroes to fight or defend against Natalia.

  1. Franco

Player or user Natalia is more likely to try to hide in the bushes, because it’s typical to play Natalia right. With Franco’s hero, you rely on Franco’s hook skill to attract Natalia who is hiding. After being hit by a hook, then immediately execute with the ultimate Franco or at least fight with your friends

  1. Yi Shun-Shin

Natalia, who likes to duck in the bushes and likes to make jumpscares, then relies on Lee Shun-Shin’s Mountain Shocker skill. With this skill, Natalia who likes to hide automatically comes out of the bushes and can find out her whereabouts quickly.

  1. Thamus

When Natalia tries to attack Thamuz, Thamuz easily activates her ultimate skill that can emit lava fire and additional Basic Attacks that are increasingly painful. This skill is very useful in dealing with Natalia who does melee attacks.

In addition to the three heroes mentioned above, there are actually other heroes like Odette or Eudora and so on who can deal with Natalia well. But what if there are no recommended counter heroes for Natalia? If so, use the following tips to deal with Natalia well.

1. Dominance Ice

This item is suitable for those of you who use tanks but want to counter Natalia. This item can reduce the regen effect produced by the opponent. then adding these items can reduce heal and attack speed, especially for Natalia.

2. Lightning Truncheon

This item can increase the hero’s AOE skill with burst damage/magic damage. besides that there is a Cooldown Reduction of 10%, plus a unique passive- Resonate which can give 20-1000 magic damage to the 3 closest enemies every 6 seconds.

3. Immortality

Not only can you resurrect, Immortality will also give you 800 HP points and 40 additional Physical Defense. Plus when there is a resurrect there will be a gain of 16% HP and a Shield that can absorb 220-1200 Damage for 3 seconds.

So, that was an interesting explanation from IMBAJP News about how to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends.

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