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8 Successful MDL ID Dropout Players in the Indonesian MPL Scene Games

Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia always displays new talents in the world of Mobile Legends pro scene. There are always new players that stand out in every MPL season.

This good regeneration cannot be separated from Moonton’s decision to hold the Mobile Legends Developments League (MDL) Indonesia when it entered its 5th season. The presence of this tier 2 tournament makes it easier for coaches and analysts to monitor young players who have qualified skills and deserve to play in MPL matches.

Who are successful MDL graduates in MPL Indonesia? Here he is list-his!

1. Albert – RRQ Hoshi

Albert can be said to be one of the most successful MDL to MPL players ever. The transfer of the player who is in the position of Jungler occurred during MPL ID Season 6.

Albert was chosen as a replacement for XIN, who at that time was underperforming. Albert’s performance at the beginning of his arrival was still lacking and received criticism from Mobile Legends netizens.

However, Albert was able to clear all those doubts and become a reliable player capable of carrying RRQ Hoshi Won the MPL ID Season 6. Albert was also named MVP Grand Final in his inaugural season at MPL Indonesia.

2. Ferxiic – EVOS Legends

Don’t want to lose to RRQ, EVOS Legends also succeeded in orbiting the player young. Starting from MDL, Ferxiic drawn to MPL for as jungler replace Wann who wants to rest.

The “Baby Tiger” transfer was a success. Immediately matched with his seniors, Ferxiic managed to bring EVOS Legends to bring home the second Indonesian MPL trophy in the team’s history.

3. PAI – Alter Ego

If usually the transfer of MDL to MPL occurs in the middle of the season, PIE more special because he immediately started playing at the beginning of MPL ID S6 after his good performance with Alter Ego X at MDL ID S1.

PAI transforms into a tough Offlaner who is not afraid to fight Offlaner who are more viewed as R7 and Antimage. PAI’s consistent performance has brought Alter Ego advance to the Grand Final in rookie seasonhis.

4. Frzz – Geek Fam

Performance Geek Fam in MDL which is better than the MPL team during the 5th season, making management attract players MDL to wade through MPL ID S6. One of which is Freeza.

Player which has now changed its nickname to Frzz has been transformed into Support and Midlaner that counts. Frzz is also known as the “King of Flameshoot” thanks to his skill with spells this is to eliminate enemies or steal buff cores enemy.

5. Kiboy – Onic Esports

Kiboy actually got inside line up Onic Esports during MPL ID S5, but spends most of his time on the bench. This is what made Kiboy “schooled” at Onic MDL.

Kiboy did not waste this opportunity and showed his classy game on MDL. Improved performance makes coach Onic Esports pulled him back to the MPL team. Now, Kiboy has become the main Roamer for Onic Esports in the last two seasons.

6. Sanz – Onic Esports

Different from players another transferred from the junior team, Sanz is one of the players non-MPL MDL team purchased by MPL team, Onic Esports. Sanz comes from MDL ID S1 champion, Victim Esports.

Despite changing teams, Sanz’s performance as a jungler has not changed and even tends to improve. Until its peak, Sanz managed to bring ONIC Esports to its second MPL title after a dramatic win over RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID S8.

7. Renbo – Bigetron Alpha

Renbo is also a Victim Esports player who was immediately recruited by the MPL team. The lucky team to get Renbo’s signature is Bigetron Alpha.

Renbo incarnated as the soul of the game Bigetron Alpha. RoleIts flexibility allows the robot team to change strategies according to the opposing team. Renbo is most feared when plotted as a Midlaner.

8. High – Aura Fire

High first time known by fans Mobile Legends Indonesia when he used Uranus Jungler at MDL ID S3 with Aura Esports. At that time, META Tank Jungler was still unfamiliar in the Land of Dawn.

In games High managed to bring his team to victory and made him advance to the MPL team, namely Aura Fire. Unfortunately, the trick he used didn’t work in MPL, earning himself the derision of being jungler strange thing that made Aura Fire not win a single victory in MPL ID S7.

However, all these assumptions disappeared after High and Aura Fire rose in MPL ID S8. Aura Fire made it through to the playoffs that season, with High using a variety of Junglers strange thing that became the new META in Mobile Legends.

At its peak, High managed to bring Aura Fire to their first title after winning the 2022 Esports President Cup, and was named the First Jungler. on MPL ID S9.

Starting from Jungler Tank, now High is an important player for Aura Fire to go further in the next competitive tournament.

That’s a row of 8 player MDL dropout who managed to penetrate the MPL squad and shine. MPL and MDL are still going hand in hand and there is still a possibility player-player new from MDL that can replace player MPL at this time.

who player MDL dropout who is now your idol? Write in the comments column, yes!

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