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5 Practical and Easy Ways to Use Mola TV, Let Streaming Be More Exciting

One of the mainstay platforms that you can use to stream movies, TV shows, or sports shows (such as football) is Mola TV. In this article we will discuss about Mola TV. Starting from how to register, how to use, and tips for subscribing to Mola TV.

For information, now you can subscribe to Mola TV via UniPin. Through features flash top up available on, you just need to enter your Mola TV account email, choose a subscription package, and you can pay using various payment methods. Can pay using credit, use bank transfer, use e-wallet, pay via Indomaret/Alfamart, and various other practical payment methods.

1. How to Download Mola TV

Mola TV services can be accessed through the website In addition, it can also be accessed through the Mola application on Android and iOS. To download it, you can download it directly through the Play Store or App Store. Just search and open the Mola application on the Play Store / App Store, then you can immediately install the application.
Mola app

2. How to Register a Mola TV Account

If you don’t want to install the Mola application, then you can access it directly via the web. But even if you access it from the app, you still need to have a Mola TV account. For account registration, you can register using email directly in the Mola app or on the website. To access the registration page on the website, you can open the following page: After successfully registering at Mola, you can immediately enjoy streaming on Mola TV.

3. How to Activate Mola TV Subscription Package

In order to watch comfortably and use all the features of Mola TV, you need a subscription. There are several Mola TV subscription packages that you can use. Some examples of these packages include:

  • standard Mola Package,
  • Premium Package 1 month (price 65 thousand/month),
  • Premium Package 1 year (price 500 thousand / year).

If you want to enjoy the entire package and streaming features on Mola, you should subscribe to the premium package. Be it on a monthly or yearly basis (if you want cheaper).

To activate the Mola TV subscription package, you can directly subscribe through the website or the Mola app. Besides that, you can also use Mola TV vouchers which you can buy on UniPin.
buy UniPin mole vouchers

For information, UniPin can not only be used to purchase Mola vouchers. More than that, you can also buy various other digital vouchers, such as Google Play vouchers, Spotify Premium vouchers, vouchers for Steam, PSN Card, and of course also for online game top up needs. For more details, you can visit directly.

4. Mainstay Features For Streaming on Mola

There are various mainstay features for streaming on Mola TV. Some examples of these features include:

  • Feature search, available on the Mola app or web. You can use this feature to search for movies, TV series/shows, or other streaming content.
  • Feature browse, if this makes it easier for you to search for impressions by category. There are categories of movies, sports, HBO and more.
  • The live feature, you can use to watch live streaming shows. For example, live sporting events.
    mola category

To watch on Mola TV, you just have to look for the movie or show you want to watch, then you can go to the streaming page for the movie or content.

5. Live Chat feature for convenience

One more feature that you can use is the feature live chat which is on Mola TV. By using this feature, you can contact Mola directly via chat. So if at any time you encounter obstacles or there is confusion, you don’t need to worry. Because you can directly contact Mola through the chat feature. This chat feature can be accessed either through the application or the Mola TV website.
Mola TV chat feature

So that’s the review about Mola TV. How, are you interested in using it? Immediately subscribe to Mola TV by using a Mola voucher that you can buy at UniPin.

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