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Suitable for those who like challenges, try checking the following DotA 2 reviews

Starting from a mod from games Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancient or DotA is one of them games with the most players in the world. Finally, Valve saw this opportunity and then made DotA seriously with the release name DotA 2 which can be obtained on Steam.

As a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, DotA 2 does offer a more realistic game for its players. They can build a team and do everything as if they were right in the arena.

Gameplay DotA 2

dota 2 gameplay

The game contains two teams of five players each. These two teams are referred to by Radiant (which is at the bottom left of the map) and Dire (which is at the top right of the map). Each player chooses a Hero to play with. Of the total 111 Heroes currently available, all of them have their own functions and skills.

The main goal is to destroy a building called the opponent’s Ancient. However, before getting to Ancient, there was tower or towers that need to be destroyed first.

Well, this tower is of course heavily guarded by opponents and you have to use weapons and strategies to get through it. Because it requires expertise, tactical ability, strategy, and teamwork, it’s no wonder that many avoid playing with players who have just tried DotA.

“Noob”, the term. Noob is slang from Newbie or new people. If you’ve just started playing and you seem confused, of course there are teammates who feel uncomfortable because they can’t play as fast as usual. Control point-and-click in keyboard computers also make DotA even more difficult, especially for beginners.

Don’t worry, there are features Training

dota 2 steam

In the first DotA, there was no training feature because games initially just a mod that developed rapidly. By Valve, DotA 2 now features training known as Quests.

This quest is made shorter with complete skill targets. In one practice, you can learn to use Skills, Last Hit, and make item combinations that are useful for the team. After training, you’re not confident going down to the battlefield yet?

Don’t worry, Valve also provides Bot Matches that allow players to fight robots with adjustable difficulty levels. So, you can warm up first before you can play with other players and seriously conquer Ancient.

Types of Heroes in Games

dota 2 wallpapers

After knowing DotA 2 gameplay, now it’s time to get acquainted a little with the Hero. The number of heroes in this game is arguably one of the most compared games Another MOBA.

No half-hearted, the number reached 111 Hero. To avoid confusion, they are divided into three groups according to their function:

1. Hero Strength

This hero has physical strength above other heroes. His HP is high so it is suitable to be in the vanguard. Before the opponent can attack other team members, first step over the Hero Strength in front. Which includes Strength Heroes are Night Stalker, Underlords, Wraith King, and about 36 other Heroes.

2. Hero Intelligence

The opposite of Hero Strength, Hero Intelligence uses non-physical strength to defend or attack the opponent. Their Mana value was high and could use some sort of magic to attack from a distance. This ability allows Hero Intelligence to be placed in various positions in the strategy. If you want to play as an Intelligence Hero, try using Zeus, Necrphos, or Crystal Maiden.

3. Hero Agility

Heroes in the Agility class have good agility and ability to use weapons. Currently, there are about 37 Agility Heroes that you can use in the game. With high Armor, they can use weapons more stable and complete. Some Agility Heroes that can be used are Specter, Anti Mage, and Clintz.

Each Hero with its ability should be placed in a strategic position. Remember, DotA is a strategic game that needs to be well thought out and equipped with strong teamwork. Since there will be five people in a team, usually each player has a role. Here are the five roles:

4. Carry

Carry takes first place in the team. Even though it looks weak at first, it has the function to do farming to get additional power. Once collected, he will become stronger in the middle to the end of the game and become dominant.

5. Mid

Mid is a player who has an important role at the beginning of the game. When HP is still high, he must get as much Gold and Experience as possible. You could say, he is the player who determines the early success of the game.

6. Support

Support is in the middle of the formation. He can also collect Gold while walking and ensure a safe middle position without any intruders. Usually, Support helps players who need additional Items by spending them.

7. Offlane

Players in Offlane positions must be players with strong heroes and have both defensive and offensive abilities. Because can’t do farming, his main job is to guard in front of and around the team making sure everything is safe.

8. Hard Support

Hard Support must think about the needs of the team by way of spending Items. This means, he must also have enough Gold or ask Support for help to collect Gold. Its role is important to meet the needs of the team to fight the enemy.

In a way, to play DotA 2 does require sufficient experience and practice. Again, the many control features that often make new players confused to play it. Because, the right hand must stay on top mouse, and the left hand is above the keyboard which are not all used.

If you are interested in learning DotA 2, try learning how to downloadits easily here. After successfully purchasing DotA 2, you also use UniPin to buy Steam Wallet credits which you can use to buy DotA 2 items such as skins, cosmetics, and other accessories. With just a few easy steps on UniPin, you can start to enter the game and start your adventure fighting in Defense of the Ancient.

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