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5 Most Popular Free Fire Events in 2022

Every time it launches, events Free Fire never fails to attract attention. In 2022 alone, there is a line events The best that Garena and the FF development team have presented specifically for lovers of players survival shooter game around the world. One of them was even claimed to be events big and popular whose launch coincided with the moment anniversary Free Fire in its third year.

Curious about what FF events most popular this year? Come on, see the following reviews!

1. Hell Cook

Garena event ff

With a promotional slogan that reads “Cooking with Magic Cube Prizes“, Hell Cook success to be one events The most popular FF this year. Loyal player Free Fire Of course you know how to use it Magic Cube which is the main prize. Yup! Players who have a lot Magic Cube can use this magic cube as a means of payment to buy various items which is sold in Magic Shop Free Fire. Besides that, Magic Cube can also be exchanged for rare bundles that many participants often hunt.

Events Free Fire Hell Cook held at the beginning of April, to be precise from April 3 to 9, 2022. As the title of the event, the players who took part in events it is required to cook in order to get a prize Magic Cube which is offered.

Well, before cooking, players mustupgrade cooking ware (pot) them by using Diamond free fire whose nominal varies, depending on the type of pot which are desired. Once the cooking utensil is finishedupgradeyou can immediately act so that you can get rewards Magic Cube which is said to be very difficult to obtain.

2. Wonderland Collection

latest free fire event

Taking place from April 16-26 2022, Wonderland Collection is events Garena FF which offers a myriad of prizes for its players. Events this is a part of spin event series which Garena had held for several times. All players without exception can participate in Wonderland Collection free.

In events this, the player is given a chance three times spin every single session. The goal is to win the grand prize of a bundle Bunny Egghunters. Wonderland Collection Events it coincides with Easter, so the theme of the game also takes on tradition egg hunting or hunt for Easter eggs filled with gifts.

Players who managed to do spin and finish challenge have a chance to get Unique Eggs or FF character eggs. There are 9 character eggs available, namely Maxim, Misha, Caroline, Antonio, Andrew, Kla, Moco, Kelly, and Hayato eggs. Later, the eggs that have been collected can be exchanged for attractive prizes with the following rules:

  • Three Unique Eggs for accessories Goggles Bunny
  • Six Unique Eggs for Backpack Bunny Sidekick
  • Nine Unique Eggs for the grand prize: Bundle Bunny Egghunter

3. 3Volution

latest ff event
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To celebrate its third anniversary in August 2022, Garena Free Fire launched events at a time updates The newest one is titled catchy: “3Volutions”. Through these moments, FF evolved by presenting a number of new features, ranging from locations, pet, skin, weapons, play modes, and much more. In fact, several new characters such as Luqueta and Hayato Firebrand were also introduced in event updates this.

Events Free Fire 3Volution is more focused on pampering the players as an expression of gratitude for their loyalty to games genre Battle & Survival this. No wonder, as one of the games popular, FF has managed to get more than 80 million active users worldwide.

Therefore, in its birthday celebration, Free Fire offers players the opportunity to get the latest characters and game modes without having to pay anything. Events It also provides features Time Tunnel which players can follow to get tokens Blue Chips. Tokens that have been collected can then be exchanged for various exclusive prizes.

4. Free Fire X Money Heist

Garena free fire event

Events Free Fire This one can be said to have skyrocketed popularity. Just imagine, on events which took place last September, Free Fire collaborated with Money Heist or La Casa de Papela Netflix series that is well known in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Entitled “Bermuda Plan”, events Free Fire X Money Heist started launching on September 6, 2022. Events it takes place in mode games 4 vs 4 group battle. Like the main mission in the series Money Heistthe target of the game is to print as much money as possible to be stored in a vault that has been prepared in the battle arena.

Of course, the team that scores and collects the most money will be declared the winner in events this. In addition, Free Fire also offers 5 attractive prizes for players who manage to earn money from 5,000 to 50,000 pieces. Some of the prizes that can be obtained are the iconic red costumes worn by the characters Money Heist2 emotes and Gloo Wall themed Money Heistas well as various kinds of free fire weapons, surfboard, panand skin vehicle.

5. Booyah Day

Garena FF event

Booyah Day is events Latest Free Fire which can still be accessed until the end of October 2022. Events it offers a variety of items free for players, including skins, weapon, pet and skinhim, to other attractive gift bundles.

Some prizes can be obtained immediately with just login on a certain date. Meanwhile, gifts items rare or greater in number can only be obtained after you complete the challenge Bingo Games or Booyah Go. The player who managed to face both challenge will be rewarded in the form of crown tokens which can later be exchanged for gift bundles.

As one of the events big Free Fire this year, Booyah Day also present sub-event titled Call Back a Friend. In events In this case, you must invite friends who have retired to play to re-enter the Free Fire battle arena. If you manage to invite 7 friends back, you will get Booyah Box as a reward. Unmitigated, the contents of the main gift box are 20,000 diamonds which is given free of charge. Wow! Tempting, isn’t it?

If you are a loyal Free Fire player, fifth events The above is certainly an agenda not to be missed this year. Events Free Fire it always attracts the attention of the players, especially if the prizes offered are in the form of freebies on a large scale. With various events large events that are held at certain times, it’s no wonder that Free Fire is one of the survival games most played today.

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