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Easy, Here's How To Download Point Blank For All Versions

Point Blank is one of the most widely played legendary shooting games online on line since 2009. The game developed by Zepetto from South Korea is about the feud between Free Rebels and Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

Many challenging modes that you can choose from the game that is touted as a pioneer FPS (first person shooter) game in Indonesia. besides that point blank is never empty with events, Zepetto always provides interesting point blank events every month. Well, to start playing on a laptop, you have to download files required. Come on, take a look here how to download point blank easily.

How to Download Zepetto’s Point Blank Version

how to download point blank on laptop

As the official developer, Zepetto provides files download that must be installed on the laptop before playing. Previously, you need to make sure the laptop specifications match your needs, namely:

  • Operating System – Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor – Intel Dual Core 2.8GHz/AMD Athlon II X2 250
  • Graphic Card – NVIDIA 9600GT (512MB), Radeon HD 5570 or higher
  • RAM – 2GB or higher

If it fits, start doing download. There are two ways that can be done, namely Full Client and Partial Client.

How to Download Full Client

how to download point blank 2020

Download by method Full Clien means to do download only once and then installed on the laptop after the process is complete. So, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to page
  • Select menu with highlights blue. Here, there are two link which is available. Since both are the same, choose one of them. The Point Blank Installer with a size of 2.4 GB will be downloaded automatically to your laptop.
  • Wait until the process download done. If you want to download files quickly, you can use Internet Download Manager. This app will increase speed download, especially for files big size.
  • When finished, click files named PointBlankInstal.exe. Click continue.
  • The next page is the Terms and Conditions page. Click the “I Agree” option.
  • Specify the installation location on the laptop. Click the “Search” button to place it in the desired location. Then, click Install.
  • When finished, Point Blank is ready to play.

How to Download Partial Client

how to download point blank on cellphone

Different from Full Client, how to download point blank by method Partial Client is to download Point Blank Installer in 14 parts. Each section consists of 200 MB and 87 MB.

You can choose this option if you face two conditions. First, the internet quota is limited. Second, the internet connection is not stable. So, you can repay the process download. Practical, right? Come on, check here the steps that must be taken.

  • Go to page
  • You will see a menu with highlights yellow. Click “Download”
  • In the new window, you will see two link on each section. Both contain files the same, so choose one of them.
  • After the first part has finished downloading, continue with the other parts until they are all done.
  • Save all files it into the same folder.
  • Please note, the first part is files .exe and the next file is .rar. However, if they are in one folder, all sections will be detected automatically.
  • After process download done, click files with the .exe label. Then, do the installation until icon Point Blank appears on your laptop screen.

How to Download Point Blank Offline Version

how to download point blank on laptop 2020
Source: Youtube

To play Point Blank directly on lineOf course, you must have an adequate internet quota. However, there is another alternative that is sometimes done by Troopers, as Point Blank players are called, which is to play games by offline.

Actually, there are many sites that provide guides for downloading the version of Point Blank offline. In general, after downloading files needed, you must use software specifically called Navicat. Software to make local server this is paid.

However, the Point Blank option offline rarely recommended because it comes from an unofficial institution. To avoid security issues, it’s best if you don’t need to dig any further how to download point blank on laptop version offline.

How to Download Point Blank for Android and iOS

download pb 2020
Source :

Can Point Blank be played on other gadgets, such as smartphone? This is a question from many fans online game. Especially with the development of practical electronic devices that are increasingly sophisticated, it seems that nothing is impossible.

Apparently, the official version of Point Blank from Zepetto is not yet available in application form smartphone. While waiting for the latest point blank news updates, the good news is that you can play Point Blank developed by NEXON Company. His name, Point Blank: Strike. With the original Point Blank, there are a number of similarities, ranging from characters, weapons, to folder used.

However, please note that the game is not exactly the same. The most striking difference is in the way of shooting and the position of the players in the game. Well, if you want to try playing it, you don’t need a high-spec gadget. However, the visual quality offered is quite good, really.

For those of you who have a cellphone with the Android operating system, here it is how to download Point Blank on HP.

  • Go to the Play Store, search for Point Blank: Strike. Click Install on files of 93 MB of this.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete. After that, you can immediately play Point Blank: Strike anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • The requirement to install this application on the gadget is that it is supported by Android 4.1 or higher.

If you are using a device with an iOS operating system, you can also play the Point Blank version mobile this. The steps that need to be done are not much different from the Android version.

  • Go to the App Store, search for the game Point Blank: Strike. Click Install on files of 429 MB.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete to be able to play this game on your device.

Well, that’s how to download Point Blank on a laptop or cellphone for various versions that you can try. May be useful!

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