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Uses, Prices, and How to Get It

Even though it’s only been around for three years, Free Fire has managed to get players up to tens of millions of active users in 2022. This achievement is quite reasonable because the developers at 111 Dots Studio and Garena continue to offer cool updates for fans. games genre Battle Royale this.

Not a few players—both beginners and pro—who was hypnotized by the world of Free Fire. In the middle battleground challenging and a line of characters with various abilities, they will try to show skills as well as the best strategy in the battle arena. To play optimally, players certainly need capital—and diamonds is the most effective capital that can always be relied upon.

In the world Free Firediamond free fire is a medium of exchange or premium currency that can be used to buy cosmetics or items other exclusives. It doesn’t stop there, it turns out that there are still many uses diamonds Free Fire which will benefit you while you are in battleground.

What’s the function Diamonds Free Fire?

how to get free ff diamonds

As a premium medium of exchange, the main function diamonds is to optimize the appearance and performance of players, from character selection to the use of weapons. Gathering diamonds what you have can be used for:

  • Buying Characters

    One function diamonds Free Fire the most used by players is to buy characters. Character is indeed an important element that will determine the resilience of your strategy when fighting against enemy players. At the beginning of the game, you will actually be given a free character named Adam or Eve. However, because they were given free gifts, the abilities of the two characters were fairly standard and their endurance was average.
    Well, to get a character that is equipped skills qualified, you have to buy it using diamonds. Free Fire character prices vary. Some popular characters like Caroline, Miguel, and Antonio are valued at 499 diamonds. There are also characters that are sold in bundle versions with cosmetics for 1999 diamondssuch as the Hayato, Laura, and most recently, the A124.

  • Strengthen Weapons

    In addition to buying characters, many players are looking for how to get diamonds Free FF to strengthen weapons. Diamonds can be used to buy skin which will increase the accuracy of shooting as well as cause damage which is bigger if it hits the enemy.
    Players with clad weapons skin also tend to be more respected by other players. This is certainly advantageous because the road to your victory in battleground can be passed more easily.

  • Got Items Exclusive

    Features that are no less interesting than diamonds FF is its use to get items exclusive in games this. Over time, the Free Fire Store will be updated with various features items rare and expensive, starting from skin to other equipment needed during the fight.
    To get variety items exclusive, players have to buy it for hundreds diamonds. In addition, some skin as Panskin or The Skull Hunter must be obtained by doing spin many times. One time chance spin usually priced around 30-80 diamonds.

How to get Diamonds?

how to get free ff diamonds

There are many ways to increase inventory diamonds Free Fire, both with a paid system or for free. Here are some ways you can try.

  • Participate in Events or Prize Tournaments

    At certain times, the Free Fire development team often presents various events attractive prizes, including sharing diamonds free for the players who follow it. Now, events This is certainly not to be missed if you have a collecting target diamonds to buy items coveted.
    Apart from following events Garena official, you can also participate in events prize tournaments held by EO and FF fan clubs. Not only get rewards in the form of diamonds free, taking part in various prize tournaments is also a great way to hone skills your play. You can also observe how other players develop their battle strategies.

  • Follow Event Giveaway

    Still want to get diamonds free? do not miss how to get diamonds Free FF this one. The trick is to take part in various events giveaway specially organized for fans games Free Fire.
    Not infrequently, a row pro playerYouTuber, entertainment media, even Garena’s own team held giveaway prize diamonds free. These events are usually announced through social media accounts or Free Fire forums in various locations platform. So, make sure you diligently follow updates so you don’t miss the info, ok!
    Even though it’s easy and difficult and the chances of winning are uncertain, participating in the giveaway events still worth trying. The reason is, in this event, you can learn from players who have pro as well as interact with other players. Who knows, you will also get new friends to play with.

  • Top Up Diamond

    If you feel it’s not enough with diamonds Free FF shared via events and certain moments, top up diamond is the most effective solution. With top upyou can specify the amount diamonds required. The purchase can also be adjusted to the exchange rate in nominal rupiah.
    Now, you can top up diamond FF safely and practically through UniPin. Because it has become an official partner of Garena, UniPin presents services top up according to your needs. Bundle Options diamonds that vary as well as various payment methods make top up diamond in UniPin feels easier and faster.
    After determining the amount diamonds needed, payment can be made via credit, vouchersinternet or SMS banking, various platform digital wallet, even at Indomaret and Alfamart. You also don’t have to bother anymore to have items, weapons, or targeted characters that will help you survive and win the game.

Price Diamonds Latest Free Fire

free ff diamonds

You who intend to increase the number diamonds Free Fire by top up Of course you have to know the price first. As a guide, the following table contains price information diamonds FF in rupiah. The price range may vary depending on the number of bundles diamonds offered and the payment methods provided.

Amount DiamondsPrice Range (in Indonesian Rupiah)
70IDR 10,000-16,500
1.450IDR 200,000-Rp 330,000
2.180IDR 300,000-Rp 420,000
3.640IDR 500,000-Rp 700,000
7,290IDR 1,000,000

This is important information about diamonds Free Fire what you need to know. As one of the survival battle games the most played at this time, you can also get diamonds through events presented by free fire. So what are you waiting for? Immediately play back your Free Fire account right now! Then, prepare to hunt diamonds so that you can finish all challenges on the battlefield!

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