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Gameplay, How to Top Up, and Play Guide

Success with MU Origin, Webzen then released MU Origin 2 as a sequel to MU Origin. In terms of playing rules, there is no difference from the first series. However, the graphics displayed by MU Origin series 2 are much better and look more real than the previous version.

In addition, MU Origin version 2 also presents additional unique characters and offers more weapons that you can use during the match. Thanks to that advantage, games This MMORPG is quite attractive to players, from teenagers to adults.

Well, in this article, we will explain in more detail about MU Origin 2 gameplaymethod top-up, to playing tips for beginners. Check out the full review below, come on!

MU Origin 2 Gameplay

mu origin 2 gameplay

At the start of the game, player will be directed to choose one of the three types of classes available. The types of classes that can be played here include:

  • Swordsmanthis class is suitable for close combat.
  • Magician (mage), able to produce burst damage high and suitable to be played in long-range combat.
  • Archerthis class can provide ranged attacks.

Then, how to play it?

After opening the application, you will find an icon shaped like a joystick to direct the movement of the character at the bottom left of the screen. Meanwhile, on the right side, information about skills of the character you play.

Oh yes, to make it easier for novice players, mobile games it also has features standby which allows players to do automatic battles without worrying about losing a lot of battery power.

Unlike the first series, MU Origin 2 adapt the match system and automatic transfer of places. This feature allows players to travel to other places, completing quests, and fight monsters in one finger touch.

Another attraction of this game is player will be restricted to enter dungeons and events. The goal is that they can explore every feature that exists. Several types of game modes in the second MU Origin series that can be played are Event, Arena, and Dungeon Battle.

The second MU Origin provides eight skills active which can beupgrade during the game. Eight skills it also has sub-skill which can be used as skills main. As for how to get sub-skill it is quite diverse.

Players will receive sub-skill after completing a certain level, but can also get it through quest.

How to Top-up MU Origin 2?

mu origin 2 guide

To do MU Origin 2 top-upplayers can visit website UniPin. After that, you only need to enter your User ID and Zone ID, then select the nominal diamondshis.

UniPin provides various nominal diamonds that you can choose, starting from the smallest nominal, which is 28 to 6130 diamonds. After selecting the desired nominal, players can proceed to the payment process.

This is the advantage of UniPin. There are so many different types of payments available. You can use vouchers UniPin or online payments via digital wallets such as GoPay, Dana, or OVO.

UniPin also accepts payments by transfer to a virtual account, cut credit, SMS/Internet bankingAlfamart/Indomaret payment pointsas well as through credit/debit card payments.

Easy isn’t it?

Tips for Playing MU Origin 2 for Beginners

mu origin 2 top up

For beginners, here’s a trick you can practice to become a game expert MU Origin 2.

1. Use Quest for Leveling

When starting the game as much as possible, complete the Main Quest because if you successfully complete it, you will get a lot of GOLD and EXP. Do Side Quests and Daily Quests when the Main Quest cannot continue.

Remember, never take a Gather Quest. If you do, as a beginner you will most likely become an easy target for players who have reached a high level.

2. Finish Daily Events and Dungeon Routinely

Apart from going through questplayers can also get GOLD and EXP by completing daily events and dungeons. You will also get additional BP when you defeat the monsters in the dungeons.

Here’s a recommendation daily events and dungeons which you can do on a regular basis.

  • EXP Dungeon (solo), this way you will get more EXP. EXP Dungeon can only be played 2 times per day.
  • Daily Quest (solo)
  • Demont Hunt Operation (solo), the battle against elite monsters will help you get weapons and armor.
  • Arena (PK), compete with other players to improve ranking. As a result you can receive rewards which can be exchanged in the Warrior Shop.
  • Demon Tower, fight against monsters on every floor. The higher the floor you reach, the greater the difficulty level but the more tempting rewards obtained.
  • Land of Trial, another way to get more EXP.
  • Greed’s Cavern (solo), you can get gold this way.

3. Do Time-limited Event

The next trick is to finish time limited event. In addition to providing additional EXP and GOLD, players who have completed time limited event opportunity to get a number of unique items that can help you grow into a great player. A number of time limited event recommended include:

  • World Boss
  • Trial of Angels
  • Ironblood Path
  • Roland’s Feast
  • Blood Castle
  • Devil Square

4. Upgrade Skills Character

As explained earlier, you can do upgrade skills character to raise skills levels and BP. When successfully touching level 160, players can activate skills Ultimacy that can give additional effects to skills that you use.

5. Check Backpack Diligently

The next key is to be diligent in checking the backpack. When you see there chest If you haven’t unlocked it yet, work on it quickly so you can get special items that can be used to complete the game.

If you have a Gear whose BP is higher than the Gear you are currently using, quickly replace it with a Gear with a higher capacity. Meanwhile, unused Gear should not be sold because you can use it to make Horcruxes.

This is complete information about gameplaymethod diamond top-upuntil the tricks play MU Origin 2 for beginners. As cover, click here if you want to do diamond top-up right now.

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