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3 New Mobile Legend Items Merged, Here's What It Looks Like!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang re-introduces mobile legends new item on update patches 1.5.88. Since the first release to become games The most popular MOBA in Southeast Asia, Moonton always brings new innovations. In addition to successfully maintaining balance in gamesMoonton also made a battle in Land of Dawn more fun and epic with various updates which is conducted.

Previously, there were five item categories in MLBB, namely separate Attack, Magic, Defense, Movement, and Jungle items, in the update on June 15, 2022, mobile legends roam items and mobile legend jungle items united with the movement. Thus, the use of shoes (boots) in this game has been duplicated.

In the new item roam, you will find four skills with their respective functions. Likewise for jungle items, there are three skills with different functions. Moonton’s goal in combining these items is to save the previous item slot. So by combining roam, jungle, and movement items, you will have additional slots to buy other items.

The update of this MLBB item of course also raises new meta mobile legends (Most Effective Tactics Available). Before discussing further about the three mobile legends new item When combined, UniPin will discuss enchantment skills on jungle and roam items.
mobile legends roam items

Enchantment Skill on Jungle Mobile Legend Items

To activate mobile legend jungle itemsyou have to finish quest first. Do kill creeps or kill/assist heroes up to a total of 15 kill. Doing so will unlock “Advanced Skills” and stop minion reward deductions. Because when you open a jungle item, you can’t do kill minion. If you keep doing kill on minions, XP and gold earned will be reduced.

Ice Retribution

When activated and used to attack creeps or minions, damage given increases by 150%. This skill can also be used to attack hero opponent. If used on hero enemy, will deal 100 True Damage and absorb 44-100 “Movement Speed” of the opponent or target. Absorption “Movement Speed” hero This opponent lasts for three seconds and will continue to increase on a scale, depending on the level hero you.

Flame Retribution

Activating Flame Retribution will make damage given to creeps or minions increased by 150%. If used to attack hero opponent, damage dealt is 100 True Damage. This attack will also cause “Physical Attack” to be absorbed by 44-100 and provide “Magic Power” for three seconds. Magic Power it will increase in scale, according to level hero.

Bloody Retribution

Damage The amount given to a creep or minion will increase by 150% when Bloody Retribution is activated. Can be used on hero opponent and deals 100 True Damage. Another effect, this skill will absorb HP equal to 10% of the user’s max HP from the target for three seconds.

Skill Enchantment on Item Roam Mobile Legend

new meta mobile legends
Before activating mobile legends roam itemsyou need to do upgrade first by completing a quest. Press the roam icon or logo to display quest. You must get a total of 500 gold from thriving items roaming wooden masknot from kill minion. This process takes approximately five minutes. As you level up in gamesskill roam will also continue to increase.


This active skill can make hero a team that is around you will enter camouflage mode. In addition, the movement speed (movement speed) they will increase by 15-60% for five seconds. The skill mode that has cooldown This 80 seconds will end when you make or receive an attack.


This active skill can increase physical attack and magic power hero a team around you as much as 20-80. In addition, this skill also gives a bonus attack speed and moving speed for three seconds by 25%. Just like Conceal, this skill has cooldown 80 seconds.


Is a passive skill. When you use the Heal skill, the lowest HP hero a team near you will be restored by 250-1000 HP. This Favor skill can only be used once every 15 seconds. This skill is recommended for heroes with abilities healing. However, hero with effect regen cannot use this skill.

Dire Hit

When you make HP hero the enemy is below 30%, this passive skill will deal “Additional Magic Damage of 5-20% of the target’s Max HP. This Dire Hit skill will experience cooldown once every 30 seconds. Suitable for tanker with ability magic damage.

Merging Roam, Jungle, and Movement Items

Player old MLBB of course already know if in the previous version games This MOBA item jungle, roam, and movement has its own functions and uses. If you want to use these three items, you need three item slots. This function was later changed by Moonton. When activating jungle or roam items, you also open item movements. In other words, the shoe item in the latest version of MLBB is strengthened (blessing) with ability jungler or roamer. In addition to strengthening the shoe item, this merger also benefits players. You can buy more items because they are cheaper.

Movement with Jungle

After choosing the type of retribution that matches hero, press the “Buy Footwear & Bless” button and select the shoe in the “Movement” menu. You can change the type of retribution at any time without having to buy jungle items first. On the condition that your retribution is level 1. To increase your retribution to level 2, you need to kill 5 jungle monsters. However, when you are at this level, you cannot change the type of retribution. If you still want to change the type of retribution, you have to sell the shoes first.

Movement with Roam

The use of this item is the same as in the jungle item. After selecting the desired roam skill, you can buy shoes on the “Movement” menu. You can still change the type of roam level 1 skill. But when you’ve gone up to level 2, you can’t replace it again except by selling the shoes first. To go up to level 2, you need 600 gold. You need to remember, every hero can only use one shoe that has earned blessing. So, you can’t use jungle and roam items at the same time.

Well, after you know the appearance of 3 mobile legends new item merged, it’s time to move on battle again. Don’t forget to buy a voucher online game on UniPin. Game online payment gateway which is cheaper and faster to do top up game favorite.

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