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The 3 Newest Mobile Legend Items in 2022 have been released, here are their functions!

Mobile Legend presents items so that hero can-counter opponent during the match. Items can be obtained by buying it using gold. To achieve a lot goldyou must defeat the enemy quickly.

Nevertheless, hero can only buy six items different. In order for the item to work optimally, of course it must be adjusted to the character hero. Therefore, you must know the category items which is suitable for heroes. Then, how about items Mobile Legends latest release 2022? Can all of them be used? hero? Come on, read on the review below!

Get to know the Category Items Mobile Legends

mobile legends new item
In the middle of 2022, Mobile Legend added a category items. Thus, the total category items There are six who have Mobile Legend. Items consists of: Attack, Magic, Movement, Defense, Roaming, and Jungle.

The following explanation items Mobile Legends.

Attack is items in Mobile Legend which is used to attack the opponent to a critical point. The reason is, the use of items this increases Critical Chance, Attack Speed, and Physical Attack. There are 16 items Those included in the Attack category include Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Windtalker, Berserker’s Fury, and Hass’s Claws. Meanwhile, Attack category items are often used by hero Fighters, Marksman, and Assassins.

The second category was Magic—which consisted of 14 items in it. These items include Winter Truncheon, Enchanted Talisman, Feather of Heaven, Necklace of Durance, and Holy Crystal. Usually, items Magic paired with hero Role Mage to increase Magical Lifesteal and Power. Every items it gives effect stat different on hero Mage.

Category items Movement can add speed hero thus speeding up every movement. Price items it’s also quite cheap. Because of that, items Movement is suitable for early game.

There are eight items that fall into the Movement category, including Arcane Boots, Magic Shoes, and Demon Shoes. You can also get items Rapid Boots, Tough Boots, Swift Boots, Wizard Boots, and Warrior Boots.

Items Mobile Legends this one serves as a defense. If used, category items Defense is able to provide a large HP stat. Besides that, hero will gain different Physical and Magical Defense—adjusting the opponent’s strength. The Defense category has 13 items, including Blade Armor, Athena’s Shield, Twilight Armor, and Cursed Helmet. You can also get the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen which gives skills strongest passive.

Roaming is a category items in Mobile Legend which appeared in the middle of 2022. Usually, Roaming is collaborated with items Jungle to increase strength hero when farming. So, hero those with low EXP and Farm Gold can be helped. Meanwhile, there are five items that fall into the Roaming category. Starting from items Iron Mask, Awe Mask, Wooden Mask, Courage Mask, to Shadow Mask. All items it has passive unique, namely Devotion and Gold every five seconds. Besides that, items will get Thriving which adds EXP and Gold hero.

Jungle is one list items Mobile Legends which contains equipment to defeat forest monsters. Jungle function, namely increasing damage so that monsters are destroyed faster. For kind items which fall into the Jungle category, namely Raptor Machete, Beast Killer, and Star Shard. Many players wear items it is in early game because it can add strength to farming.

3 Items New Mobile Legend

mobile legends item list
After knowing the categories, now you should know three items latest release in Mobile Legend. The three items consist of Radiant Armor, Shadow Twinblades, and Vengeful Batlleaxe. Here’s the full explanation.

Radiant Armor

Classified items Defense, Radiant Armor is able to block Shadow Twinblades’ attacks. The reason is, Radiant Armor has additional attributes of 800 HP, 52 Magical Defense, and 12 HP Regen. Not only that, Radiant Armor can also provide a passive effect to increase Magic Damage Reduction. Increased Magic Damage Reduction by 4-11 when dealing Magic Damage from enemies within three seconds. However, you must pay attention to the situation when you want to use Radiant Armor. If the enemy uses a magic hero with continuous damage such as change, odette, it means that Radiant Armor must be the main item.

Shadow Twinblades

Shadow Twinblades are suitable for use by Mage and Assassin because they often wait for the best moment to fight. Some Mage and Assassin heroes who use items These include Esmeralda, Karina, and Harith. Given attribute items This is in the form of an additional +70 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, and +15% Magical Lifesteal. Meanwhile, the passive effect—in the form of damage Basic Attack—equivalent to +200 Magic Damage.

The effect will be activated if within five minutes of not receiving or giving damage. So, the next basic attack increases additional magic damage and takes effect slow. In addition to Basic Attack, Shadow Twinblades additional effects are +500% Magic Power and slow opponent up to 60%. Effect slow It lasts for about 1.5 seconds.

Vengeful Batlleaxe

You have 1980 gold? With this gold, you can already buy Vengeful Batlleaxe. This price is definitely cheaper than buying a reliable Blade of Despair hero Marksman. In terms of strength, Vengeful Batlleaxe is also cooler than Blade of Despair. This item can damage up to 119 Physical Attack and 32 Physical Penetration. Besides that, hero get an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction and 550 HP.

Hero also gains additional Movement Speed ​​of up to 20% by using Vengeful Batlleaxe. However, Movement Speed ​​can be obtained after 8 stack.
So, to win early gameVengeful Battleaxe is an option items best. Thus a brief review about items Mobile Legends latest. Now, these items are widely used by players as a quick strategy to win the battle. You also want to have a new Mobile Legend item? Come on, hurry up top up gold only on UniPin!

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