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Want to Check Player Ranking? Use This Mobile Legend Leaderboard System!

In playing the game, of course there are achievements or rankings obtained by each player. Likewise in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this game, you can see the ranking of top local or top global players through mobile legends leaderboard, lol! How to see ranking player through leaderboard this and what are the features in it? Check out the following explanation.

Get to know the Mobile Legend Leaderboard

arcade leaderboard
Mobile legends leaderboard
is a feature used to view ratings player local top or global top from hero certain. In addition, you can also view achievement information rank highest, best squad, finishing player achievements highest rating, and various other ranking information. Complete, right?

To enter features leaderboard this, it’s easy. You can do the following:

  • Entered into lobby or the start page of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang
  • Select features leaderboard which is at the bottom.

After finding leaderboard, you can start checking the player’s rank or achievement by selecting the desired menu. So that you don’t get confused, here’s an explanation of the 7 menus on the menu: leaderboard:

This board contains a list Rank of all Mobile Legends players. You can see the highest to lowest rank, from top rank global, local, to friends. In this list contains ratings, player, rank occupy, and stars.

Board to view player with achievement (Achievements) the most. In this menu you will find information about ranking, player, achievementsand point.

A menu to see how many matches a player has won from the total of all the matches he has participated in. You can see win rate globally as well as your friend’s.

In this menu you can see player best of every hero. You can see pictures of each hero and the best players who use hero the. Through this menu you can learn from the top player to find out how best to use hero your favorite.

On leaderboard here you can see the accumulation charisma earned by a player. Points charisma the highest will certainly be ranked first in the list.

If you want to know who got the most posts diamonds of other players, this is the place. A player’s rank will continue to rise when he gets diamonds from his fans.

View is a list that displays the highest popularity ranking of stream what the player does. The more people who watch, the popularity or ranking will increase.

Leaderboard of followers is a statistic that measures the number of followers or followers player account. Player with followers most will certainly be at the top of the list.

Curious about squad the best at the top leaderboard? You can see it in this menu. In this menu you can see the menu Power obtained from win rate every member squad. So, don’t be surprised if there are squad nice that rarely accepts members.

Points in leaderboard this is calculated from how many times you become a mentor. Collect as many mentor points as possible to make your name on the list leaderboard this. Well, now you know the difference between the menus on leaderboard in games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legend Leaderboard Features

street leaderboard
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is filled with competitive players. The players use hero mainstay to get Title Global Hero by fighting hero enemy in ranked match. Facing the competitive enthusiasm of the players, Moonton as the developer of MLBB continues to try to improve the features in this game.

One of the improved features is the leaderboard. This feature is divided into arcade leaderboard, street leaderboard, local leaderboard, and global leaderboard. The purpose of this feature, of course, is to check the rankings player. The features in leaderboard these, among others:

Arcade Leaderboard

Arcade is an additional game mode in Mobile Legends: Bang bang that can be played when events certain. There are various modes and hero which you can play here. One of the permanent modes is Magic Chess. To find out the rank player or hero in every eventsyou can use arcade leaderboardd this.

Street Leaderboard (LBS) Mobile Legends

Street Leaderboard is a feature ranking new for hero MLBB, but in a smaller scope. In this feature, your chance to occupy the highest position is greater. Due to the inner ranking region Street Leaderboard This includes sub-districts/kelurahan, cities, provinces, and countries. So in addition to seeing global and local tops, you can also see top sub-districts, top cities, top provinces, and top countries.

In this feature, players can fight for the title Honorary Title in the area or area of ​​the city. Through the player’s GPS location, the system will group hero which is in one area. Hero will be on the list rank based on the hero score obtained from the match ranked mode.

Local Leaderboard

Local leaderboard display rating or her rankingo or player where you play. If local playr, then the scope of this ranking is the existing players region, city, and province. Whereas for local heroesviewed by score hero that you often play. If you succeed in being in the top of Indonesia, then later you will have the opportunity to be in the top global.

Global Leaderboard

In global leaderboard here you will see the player ranking and hero from all MLBB players in the world. The system is the same as local leaderboard. The difference is, the player’s rank and score hero from all over the world will be sorted and displayed the best in leaderboard.

After reading reviews about mobile legends leaderboard above, you are no longer confused when you check player ratings in MLBB, right? It’s more fun to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang using various online game vouchers from UniPin. On UniPin you can do top up game favorites cheaper and faster. The payment method is also easy because there are many payment methods available. Prey top up and chase global rankings!

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