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10 Lords Mobile Tips That Make You Play Like a Pro

Lords Mobile is a strategy game. Therefore, you cannot play this game haphazardly. As a result, you will often be defeated by enemies and find it difficult to develop your base. By following the right Lords Mobile tips, you don’t just get a strong army. However, you can have a base that is difficult for the enemy to defeat.

Armed with the right Lords Mobile tips and tricks, you who are newbie gamers can play like a pro. There are 10 tips and tricks that you need to practice, namely:

10 Lords Mobile Tips That Make You Play Like a Pro

1. Don’t Carelessly Choose a Guild

Lords Mobile tips first and very important is the guild. You shouldn’t just join a guild. Make sure that you become part of a good guild, with every member helping each other. You will get many benefits if you join a good guild.

Some of the benefits that you can get when you join a good guild include:

  • There are friends who are ready to help you when you have trouble
  • Speed ​​up the process research and construction via the option to send “helps”
  • Guild gifts which can be obtained through monster hunting activities
  • Trading resources
  • Get play guide

Then, how do you get a good guild? There are several points that you need to pay attention to, including:

  • Communication. Make sure that the guild communicates in a language you understand.
  • time zone. Pay attention to the time zones of the guild members. The time zone difference is too far, making it difficult for you to collaborate with guild members.
  • Activity level. You also need to pay attention to the level of activity of the guild. Sometimes, guilds set certain targets, such as a monster hunt that each member needs to fulfill.

2. Increase Aquiris To Adult As Soon As Possible

The next Lords Mobile tip is to increase the level of Aquiris familiars as soon as possible. Aquiris is a familiar or monster that you can get when completing Skirmish 8: Sacred War and hasunlock Pack 1B. At this stage, make sure you select Aquiris and increase its level to Adult.

When you have an adult Aquiris familiar, you can get benefits in the form of Anima Production boost and get free stamina. The opportunity to get stamina for free is very useful for increasing the level of heroes so that they reach Legendary Grade faster. In addition, Aquiris can provide a Max HP debuff.

3. Familiar Selection Order

When playing Lords Mobile, you have the opportunity to get as many familiars as possible. You need to know that this strategy game has low and high level familiars, divided into Pacts 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3, and 4. From each pack, the following are recommendations for familiars that you can consider:

  • Territe (1A)
  • Aquiris (1B)
  • Tempestite (2A)
  • Bonehead (2B)
  • Goblins (3)
  • Hoarders (4)

4. Don’t Play Defensively

The next Lords Mobile tip is to make sure that you don’t play defensively. Playing defensively is an indicator that you are a lazy gamer. You also need to apply the principle of playing not to prioritize DEF in various elements, including the following: gear, jeweland even familiar.

5. Wall

As already mentioned, playing defensively in Lords Mobile is not a wise choice. It also has something to do with the headquarters wall. Don’t waste time and resources on upgrading walls.

You just put a wall and leave it alone, don’t do it upgrade. Doing research for walls is a bad decision and a waste of time. Instead of researching the wall, it’s a good idea to prioritize the process of economic or troop research.

6. Research

If you want to play Lords Mobile like a pro, do your research properly. The research recommendations you do are economic, military, and monster hunting. In this way, you will obtain sufficient resources and a strong military power.

7. Always Alert Troop T1

Pro gamers often provide Lords Mobile tips to encourage newbies to play attacking. Even so, that doesn’t mean you use your entire army to attack the enemy base. You need to alert the army at the base to anticipate an attack.

One trick that is often used by experienced gamers to attack enemies is to use the familiar Pyris. The reason was, because Pyris was able to attack the troops in the barracks directly. Therefore, you need to anticipate this strategy.

Then, what is the right way to deal with it? You still need to place a large number of soldiers in the base. However, instead of using tier 3 or 4 soldiers, you can use tier 1 soldiers. That way, your losses won’t be too big.

8. Monster Hunt

The next Lords Mobile tips and tricks are quite simple. You need to actively do monster hunting. To make monster hunting easier, you need to know how to get Big Guy in Lord Mobile. Hero is known as a very reliable tank character.

9. Basic Strategy of War

Lords Mobile is a strategy game. Therefore, you need to know the basic strategy of war if you want to play this game like a pro. Some of these basic strategies include talent, boost ATK, boost DEF, jewel, and so on.

10. Spam Scout

The last Lords Mobile tip is to make sure you spam the scout. This strategy is very effective for confusing the enemy and potentially hindering the construction of their base. Don’t be alone, you can also collaborate with fellow guild friends to spam scouts.

Well, those are 10 Lords Mobile tips and tricks that you can practice so you don’t lose to pro gamers. If you want to be stronger, don’t just play F2P. You can build a stronger army with P2P. Moreover, you can Lords Mobile topup easily via Unipin.

Come on, topup immediately and build a strong army in Lords Mobile.

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