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Next Generation, Classic MMORPG Game Suitable for Newbie Gamers

Ragnarok is one of the legendary games whose existence cannot be forgotten by gamers. Therefore, the presence of the latest game Ragnarok X Next Generation is widely welcomed. The good news is, many reviews of Ragnarok X Next Generation say that this classic game is very interesting to play.

Furthermore, how to play and the features of Ragnarok X Next Generation can not only be used as a means of nostalgia. However, this MMORPG game is a game that is suitable for gamers. Not only for those who are experienced, but also for newbie gamers. For those of you who are curious about this game, let’s see the following review of Ragnarok X Next Generation.

Background Story of Ragnarok X: Next Generation

ragnarok x next generation review

The experience of playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation will really give the impression of nostalgia. Moreover, this game was remade by maintaining the story, characters, gameplay, and place settings according to the original. This is not only effective in attracting the attention of experienced gamers, but also succeeded in making newbie gamers interested in playing it.

Furthermore, Ragnarok X offers quality 3D graphics. The characters in this game also look cute and adorable, with an anime theme. In addition, you will find that the animations in the game run smoothly accompanied by cool skill effects. That way, you won’t be bored playing this game for hours.

Character Class

There are various options for the Ragnarok X Next Generation class that you can play. When you first create an account, you will be faced with 6 class options. For those of you who like to fight at close range, there is an option to play as a swordsman or thief. For long-range combat, there is a choice of classes as mage and archer. Meanwhile, acolytes serve as healers and merchants have a versatile role.

Each class Ragnarok X Next Generation has a different type of weapon. In addition, you also need to build a character according to the desired role, whether as a tank, DPS, healer, and so on. You don’t need to be confused in choosing the right type of class, because this game provides a demo before the selection process.


As you explore the world of Midgard, you will battle with various types of monsters. There are 2 categories of monsters that you will find, namely MVP and mini monsters. You will find the monsters in the MVP and Mini categories in various races. Each race has different characteristics and abilities.

When you first play this game, you will feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the RO game which is very thick. Moreover, you will find Poring jumping around. Besides Poring, you can also find a row of other familiar monsters, including Lunatic, Fabre, Picky, Willow, Chonchon, and so on.


Like other MMORPG games, you need to take quests from NPCs. You will find a funny impression when you receive a quest, because each character is accompanied by cute animations in a chibi style. You can also take main or side quests to increase the level of the character.

For convenience in carrying out quests, there is a Ragnarok X Next Generation feature called pathfinding that you can use. This feature allows you to go to the quest location automatically. The existence of this kind of feature is very helpful for newbie gamers to complete quests quickly.

Not only that, there is also a Ragnarok X Next Generation feature for players who like away from the keyboard (AFK). This facility is useful to allow gamers to farm EXP more easily. You can also manage farming in certain areas or the entire map.

5 Midgards Kota Cities

As your level increases, you can explore Midgard more thoroughly. There are 5 big cities that are familiar among RO game lovers, namely Prontera, Morroc, Alberta, Payon, Geffen. Each city has its own specialization, based on the character’s class or level.

Prontera is a very familiar city for Ragnarok gamers. This city is the center of your activities while in the game. Prontera is also known as the city that respawns when you are killed while on an adventure for the first time.

In addition, the 5 major cities in Midgard have some of the same NPCs. You can use their presence to perform daily tasks and upgrade equipment. There is also a tavern in which there are mini game facilities such as the Battle of Arms “bunong brasso”. If you want to find more powerful monsters, there are also hidden caves that you can look for.

There are various transportation options that you can use to get from one city to another. You can choose the manual method by walking or climbing the mount. In addition, there is also a more practical way by utilizing transportation services using Kafra.

With these various transportation options, exploring Midgard becomes even more enjoyable. You can also experience each city easily. Moreover, there are many interesting activities that you can do while in the city.


Finally, you need to know that the Ragnarok X Next Generation feature is a mount. You can find various types of mounts in this game. Its use is also not limited to certain Ragnarok X Next Generation jobs. Whatever class you choose, you can still use the mound freely. Some of the choices include Big Poring, Pecopeco, Hamster, Nine Tail, and so on.

Well, that’s an interesting review of Ragnarok X Next Generation for you to play. You can play this game for free. However, you have the opportunity to build a stronger character if you use the topup facility.

The way to top up the game Ragnarok X Next Generation is very easy. Moreover, currently there is a practical solution that you can get from Unipin. Past Unipintopup various types of games you can do anytime and from anywhere.

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