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What is Global Conquest Mobile Legends, here's the explanation - games

What is Global Conquest Mobile Legends, here's the explanation – Global Conquest is an event held by Mobile Legends level international where we are invited to join the fight with foreign players. Only some people get this Reward, because there are certain specifications that are seen by Mobile legends who get this Reward. Of course, these are the players who always win the game and are good and play. If Gamers get this Reward, Gamers will get a Double Reward but those who participate in this event are only 2 to 3 hours. Make sure Gamers take part in this event.

This Global Conquest Event will bring a new game mode where the battle will be carried out between squads which is usually held every Saturday.

War Between Countries Events:
This war will start on Saturday according to the time in the region the player chooses. To participate, players must register Monday-Saturday before the war starts. Players can choose between 5 regions they want to enter, namely Asia 1, Asia 2, Australia, North America, and South America. Players can choose to compete in any region, but players will not be able to change regions for 7 days.

Here are the detailed requirements if you want to be selected:

What is Global Conquest Mobile Legends, here's the explanation

1. Have a minimum rank of Grandmaster, not even if we often win, we can definitely be selected too.

2. Only players with the same region/country can be a team

3. If both teams come from the same country, there will be a Civil War. This fight

4. will not affect the Rank and Win Rate of a country.

Each Round will be divided into 4 stages:

  • Rally your Squad, where players must register in battle
  • Battle, the battle begins and will last for 2 hours
  • Battle Report, where the battle is over and all Match-Making will be cancelled
  • Temporary Truce, the players will rest and prepare for the next Round.

Event Prizes:

What is Global Conquest Mobile Legends, here's the explanation

1. After participating in the war, players will get a Conqueror Medal which can be exchanged for various attractive prizes. The higher the average rank, the more medals you can get. One of the prizes that can be exchanged for the Conqueror Medal is the limited skin Uranus – Mech Protector!

2. In addition to Rank or victory in war, in this event there is also something called Influence and Rank from Country/Region.

3. Medals can only be obtained in the region registered by the player. If you haven’t selected any region or play in an unselected region, players won’t get Medals from Battle, but will still receive EXP and BP.

4. In addition, AFK players will not receive any medals after the battle.

5. Influence is a score that has been collected by a country/region and which determines the Rank of a country/region.

The most exciting gamers get:
1. When a country will have Influence when the matches they do in each Round reach 20 or more.

2. A new Influence Leaderboard will be announced after each Round.

3. The higher the Win Rate, the higher the Influence. The more Squads a country has, the bigger the Influence Bonus they will receive.

4. Civil War will not affect the Win Rate and Influence of a country.

Now you understand this Global Conquest Mobile legends event, that’s all from the article What is Global Conquest Mobile Legends, here’s the explanation.

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