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6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free - games

6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free – Good afternoon how are you today, this time I want to give you interesting tips about 6 steps that gamers can do to play Mobile Legends on TV. This method can be done by gamers to be able to play Mobile Legends with a large and attractive appearance, try it right away. Sometimes there are times when we want to enjoy it on a bigger screen with our family. For Gamers who don’t know how to watch videos and play games from Android devices & display them to TV.

This time we use Miracast
If you have a Smart TV or Internet TV in your home, enjoying content from your Android device will be easier. Usually, this kind of TV already supports Miracast using WiFi Direct technology, directly between Android and TV. miracast-tv-screen.

Most Android 4.4 and above devices on the market today are equipped with this feature (sometimes called wireless display, mirroring, or cast screen). If you are a user who has an Android cellphone and TV that supports Miracast, here are the steps:

Here are 6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free:

6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free

1. Enable Miracast feature on android Phone device. Gamers can directly access it by opening the notification bar, or Gamers can also go to Settings, then select Display, or activate Wireless Display.

2. After that, the android gadget will automatically search for Miracast supporting devices that are around, in this case, your TV.

3. When the name TV Gamers appears on the Hp screen, select it and enter the code or PIN that appears on the TV.

4. Congratulations Gamers successfully mirroring. Whatever you do on your cellphone or tablet, everything will be shown on the TV.

Here’s how to play it:
Then what if you don’t have a TV that supports Miracast? Google Chromecast is the answer. You can find the dongle in online shops in Indonesia. The price is quite expensive, around hundreds of thousands to 1 million rupiah. But the quality of the Google Chromecast is unquestionable. If Gamers already have it.

Here are the steps:

6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free

1. Connect the Chromecast with the power cable, then connect it to the HDMI port on the TV.

2. Change the display input when your TV Gamers are used to connecting with the Chromecast.

3. Install the Chromecast app instead of the Google Play Store.

4. Open the application, and see the required Set Up steps.

5. Give your Chromecast Gamers a name, then connect your Chromecast to your home WiFi router.

6. After everything is done, now you can experience a lot of content on Android devices such as TV, including doing screen mirroring / wireless displays like Miracast. Top android videos on TV

Can use a wired connection

Gamers can also take advantage of the strap connection to display your Android device on the TV. This method is considered the easiest and cheapest if you don’t have a Smart TV aka Google Chromecast. Of course, the TV used must also have an HDMI port. There are two options that Gamers can take advantage of. First, Gamers are ready to use the micro/mini HDMI to HDMI kenur. First, make sure that your Android Gamers device has a mini/micro HDMI port, because not all types of cellphones or tablets have it.

The second option is to use an MHL Adapter (microUSB to HDMI). Like micro HDMI, not all Android Hp devices support MHL. Therefore, make sure Gamers’s are categorized in the list. Whatever option you click on, you only need to connect your android mobile device to the TV via cable. There are no special settings that must be passed. It’s easy and fast, but the problem is, usually the HDMI cable isn’t long enough. Your cellphone or tablet can’t be far from the TV.

A few of the articles 6 Steps to Play Mobile Legends on TV for Free.

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