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10 Most Effective Hero Counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Afraid of Luo Yi because of the annoying cc effect? Don't be afraid anymore, here are the 10 most effective Luo Yi MLBB Hero Counters!

Luo Yi is the most annoying support hero because the cc effect given is really painful and the blood is thick enough.

But don't worry, spinners don't need to be afraid of Luo Yi anymore, here are the 10 most effective MLBB Luo Yi counter heroes to use!


First is Hayabusa, all of Haya's skills can make Luo Yi dizzy, the reason is because of the pain damage plus his unpredictable movements.


Then there is Benedetta, the hero who has the best immunity will not work from the cc effect instead he can kill him right away because he can stab into war thanks to his 3rd skill.


Next is Claude, although it's a bit difficult Claude deserves to be included in the list, only Claude's 3 skills are relied on.


Silvanna is also included in the list of reasons because Silvanna's ultimate is confining heroes including Luo Yi, a long-distance hero.


Maybe you are not surprised anymore by Natalia's entry, because this one hero is really deadly, the number one hero is about picking up the opponent.


Just use the ultimate Diggie when Luo Yi's cc effect attacks you, apart from saving yourself Diggie can also save his comrades.


Pay attention to the timing when Luo Yo's skill has been issued and then comes to attack with his 3 Harley skill and skill 1, it is guaranteed that Luo Yi will die instantly.


Cecilion has more range than Luo Yi and also higher damage than Luo Yi so it will be very easy to defeat Luo Yi in-game.


The scoop specialist hero, just like Natalia, is also included in the list, besides that Chou's damage is no less painful than assassin heroes in general.


The last one is Selena. This hero can counter the ultimate Luo Yi Diversion which is usually used to snatch your team from the bush. Selena can use her 1 trap skill to put it in the bush area near her comrades' heroes. So that as soon as Luo Yi teleports, you can see and immediately snatch the opposing team back.

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