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5 Most effective Hero Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

2022 are you still afraid of Aldous when playing Mobile Legends? Don't worry, here are the 5 most effective Aldous counter heroes!

Aldous is one of the strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, especially in the late game. He can kill an opponent with just one attack.

1. Kaja

Obviously, the first hero is Kaja. This hero has a very terrible skill 3 that can stop all opponent attacks instantly including attacks from Aldous.

2. Nana

Then there is Nana with her 2nd skill which can stop Aldous' attacks very effectively. Aldous won't be able to do anything if it's within the range of Nana's 2 skills.

3. Valir

Then there is Valir, skill 2 Valir here which plays an important role in countering Aldous because it can drive him away with skill 2.

In addition, skill 3 Valir can also be immune when Aldous attacks him.

4. Akai

Fourth is Akai, indeed Akai is not the target of Aldous. But Akai can counter Aldous with his 3rd skill when Aldous comes to attack his teammates. He was the perfect team-mate protector.

5 Chou

Lastly is Chou, Chou's 2nd skill can be immune from Aldous's attack and the ultimate can kill Aldous quickly and it's very effective against this hero.

Those are some Mobile Legends heroes who can counter Aldous very effectively. Anything you want to add?

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