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Tips to Build the Strongest Johnson as a Mobile Legend Tanker

Here are tips on building items and how to play Johnson’s Mobile Legend hero

mrfdn – Johnson is a tank type hero. Unlike tankers in general which are large and slow moving, Johnson is able to transform himself into a car and then walk around the map.

Maybe you are wondering why you have to use Johnson today? Because this one hero is very unique how to play. We can walk around the entire map by car. This hero is a tanker type.

For those who are curious about how to play Johnson’s hero on mobile legends, see the tips and tutorials below.
johnson mobile legends build

Johnson’s Advantage

  • Johnson has great durability. He can be a shield for teammates.
  • The build is also quite easy. You just need to know that for this hero, you should build items that can strengthen his role as a tanker.
  • The set of johson items is tank + magical. So the build items needed are builds that increase skills 1, 2, 3, not those that increase basic hits. We have to use skills when attacking the enemy to feel the pain.

Johnson’s Disadvantages

  • Only a good build and expert control can make Johnson work well.
  • In my opinion, the lack of this hero is in controlling his skills which are quite difficult. When turning into a car you have to know where it is going and then control its direction using analog. If you have never done it, you may need to learn it first through practice. If you hit the wrong one it can be in vain.

Johnson’s Skills

  • Skill 1 – throw a spanner in a certain direction. This will cause damage to all enemies in the vicinity by being stunted. Cooldown skill 1 about 9 seconds. And will eat about 80 mana.
  • Skill 2 – Johnson will be a shield. He will slow down enemies around him with a bassic attack. The cooldown of this skill 2 is about 12 seconds, and requires about 110 mana.
  • Skill 3 – jump and shapeshift into a car. He is able to transport teammates to walk together to the enemy’s place. The faster the speed of the car, the greater the mage/magic effect. When shooting an enemy Johnson will electrocute the enemy for approximately 1 second. Cooldown skill 3 is about 42 seconds, and will consume 120 mana.

latest strongest johnson build tips

So the order of Johnson’s combo skills is

Skill 3 >> skill 2 >> skill 1

Johnson’s build gear commonly used by pro players

  • Warrior boots – to provide additional movement speed and increase defense
  • Blade armor – to provide additional armor
  • Athena’s shield – every 30 seconds if not attacked, Johnson will get a shield that can absorb the opponent’s attack.
  • Sky guardian helmet – to give a regen effect, so that mana doesn’t run out quickly when doing skills.
  • Twilight armor – with this item Johnson will withstand the total damage given to the enemy by 900. Enough for tank players.
  • Antique cuirass – to reduce the physical attack given by the cloud by 6% for 2 seconds.

Johnson’s Battle Spell

Flicker because Johnson can’t escape quickly. This is effective if you are in a crowd but have less blood.

Johnson Emblem

Use custom tanks

  • Firmness 3/3
  • Inspire 3/3
  • Attack and defense 1/1
best johnson badge

Tips for playing Johnson for beginners

  • Maximize it in durable or sustained dps build mode so that the blood is thicker.
  • Often look at the map to determine which moment is right to use skill 3

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The final word

Although the effects of Johnson’s attack did not hurt, but at least he could be a shield for his teammates in attacking.

Those are the tips on how to build Johnson mobile legends that are good for getting savage, legendary, or just being the strongest in the team. Good luck.

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