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Tips for Building the Best Masha Mobile Legend Items

mrfdn – Masha is a new tanker/fighter type hero. Unlike other heroes, this hero uniquely has 3 life bars.

Is this able to make it one of the OP heroes? This is my experience using it.

Masha’s advantages

– Has 3 HP bars and special passive. This is what makes this hero less dependent on recall. The three life bars are unique as follows.

  1. When the first lifebar is gone, Masha will receive a lifesteal bonus.
  2. When the second lifebar runs out, Masha will receive 60% resilience (anti-crowd control).
  3. When the blood is running low, the attack speed is getting higher.
  4. The passive will be active when not attacking/attacked. This passive will give 1 lifebar.

So don’t be surprised if you are fond of playing hero tankers who like to move forward towards your opponent, you can try this one hero.

– Masha is a reliable hero to kill heroes, minions, monsters, jungles, turtles, and lords quickly. Why? Because he has a very good dps (damage per second) skill.

When Masha attacks with skill 1, the damage given is based on the maximum percentage of the opponent’s HP. Even so, Masha has to lose a few percent of her cellphone every second.

– He is able to disarm the opponent. These 2 hero skills will make the opponent unable to use basic attacks for 2 seconds. Use this skill during the late game, because it will be very useful.

– It turned out that after I played, this hero was easy to play. Unlike Johnson who must master some of his skills.

– Skill 3 is used to chase enemies who are trying to escape, not to run away.
best build item masha mobile legend

Masha’s Weaknesses

– Unreliable when cc. Even though she has 3 lifebars, Masha is not suitable to be in a crowd control state. He’s so soft. He’s good at playing one by one.

– To move from one place to another, he is also quite slow. Naturally, he is a hero tanker.

So that Masha’s skill combo

Skill 2 >> skill 1 >> skill 3

Tips for building items Masha

Warrior Boots
Demon Hunter Sword
Corrosio Scythe
Wing Of The Apocalypse Queen
Athena’s Shield
Blade Of Despair

Masha’s Emblem

Just use a custom fighter with configuration

  • Bravery 3/3
  • Invasion 3/3
  • Festival of Blood

Masha’s battle spells


Tips for playing using Masha’s hero

You can be aggressive early in the game. With the provision of 3 life bars you will not be overwhelmed by the opponent. Because Masha is also very aggressive at the beginning of the game.

If the opponent doesn’t use a basic attack, don’t use skill 2. Because it will be in vain. Heroes who use basic attacks such as Natalia, Helcurt, Esmeralda, Rafaela, Estes.

In addition to paying attention to enemies, Masha must also be diligent in farming. This will help the team to get a lot of gold at the beginning of the game.

Don’t be afraid to face the turtles alone. Masha is reliable.

The final word

Hopefully these tips are useful for those of you who want to learn to use Masha’s hero.

If Masha is your current mainstay hero, please let me know in the comments column below. 🙂

Build Masha Mobile Legends

the best mobile legend masha build

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