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Tips for Building the Best Chang'e Mobile Legends Hero Items Ala Lemon RRQ

mrfdn – Yesterday we discussed how to play the hero Guinevere, how to build tips on what items, gear and spells to use. This time, let’s find out how to play the hero Chang’e a la Lemon.

The YouTube video link is below, you can watch it right away.

Chang’e is a Mobile Legends hero with a role mage

build chang e mobile legends

Perhaps among other mage heroes, Chang’e is often overlooked. Maybe because its durability is relatively small, and the level of difficulty to use is high.

Yes, indeed, all hero mages are on average like this, fragile.

But please note that heroes are also special because they have very large abilities.
wallpaper chang'e mobile legends, tips on building the best items, sick like lemon rrq

Chang’e’s advantages

It doesn’t waste mana, so just spam it to enemies, monsters or minions.

Weaknesses of Chang’e

The movement is slow

Skill 1 Let the moonlight shine

This skill will create a kind of circle black hole, which in a few seconds will open. Anyone near the area will be sucked in.

skill chang e

Skill 2 Biu!biu!biu

Chang’e will cast the moons. When the enemy is hit 3 times from that month, it will automatically give stunts to the enemy.

skill chang e

Skill 3 Bunny bomb

He will release the ulti by removing the rabbit. The rabbit will divide itself into 6 parts and will chase the enemy.

Combo Chang’e

Skill 1 >> Skill 3 >> Skill 2

The best Chang’e item build gear in the style of Lemon RRQ

Here Lemon uses

  • Magic Shoes
  • Glowing Wind
  • Lightning Truncheon (To Maximize Magic Power)
  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood Wings
  • Blood Wings
the best chang'e mobile legends build items

Yep, 2 blood wings. This is to increase magic power by +150. Although the price is quite expensive but it will be useful at the end of the game later.


Use a custom mage emblem

  • Agility 3/3
  • Observation 3/3
  • Impure Rage 1/1 (so mana is not wasted, lasts longer when spamming)
the best chang'e mobile legends emblem


Flicker, because Chang’e can’t run, so we just give it a flicker so we can quickly escape from the enemy.

Tips for playing the hero Chang’e from Lemon

passive chang'e mobile legends
Passive Chang’e active deadly

  • This one hero works around the map, not a farming type hero (killing monsters in the jungle), just like cyclops
  • when you have done up to 40 stack skills, the passive will be active and give extra magic power.
  • The magic power is unlimited, if you are diligent, it can reach 1000s. Can make one ulti to a marksman or mage hero.
  • Even so, Chang’e must take a buff/gold buff too so that the cool down is fast.
  • Chang’e is also good when traveling with crowd control heroes.
  • Chang’e’s combo hero can be juxtaposed with the tigreal combo, which can both attract enemies.
  • Using this hero, you have to be smart about managing the stack.

Video how to play Chang’e

The final word

Those are the tips for playing the Chang’e mobile legend hero. Hopefully you are inspired by the Lemon rrq style build item. See also other Mobile Legends heroes.

If you have additional tips, just write them down below. 🙂

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