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Build the Best Harith Items for Evos Mobile Legends MVP Players

mrfdn – This week is a very exciting and stressful week for mobile legends game lovers. Why?

Because the Mobile Legends World Championship (M1) is currently being held in Malaysia.

Various tiger teams from all over the world come there to show their abilities in playing mobile legends.

You can see the match via live streaming on YouTube on the mobile legends channel, bang bang. And if it’s too late, please replay the video which is approximately 9 hours per day.

So, for representatives from Indonesia, we have Evos and RRQ.

If you are a lover of esports games, you must be familiar with these 2 big team names.

This time, let’s see together how to build items made by Wannn from the Evos team.

The hero he chose was Harith who managed to become an mvp in the match against Rrq.

Before entering the build, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Harith

Harith’s advantages

  • Can spam skills very quickly
  • Skill 3 gives a cooldown effect on skills 1 and 2, so the attack is increasingly unbearable by the enemy.

Harith’s Disadvantages

  • Don’t play alone if you don’t want to die quickly
  • It’s easy to pick up if you don’t have the right position or when you’re alone
  • Depends a lot on the team

Wannn’s Harith item build which is MVP

  • Feather Of Heaven
  • Demon Wings
  • Immortality
  • Calamity Reaper
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Winter Truncheon

All builds focus on magic power, Harith’s hero is a mero mage.

Whereas for emblem use custom mage with configuration

  • Agility
  • Observation
  • Magic Worship

Battle spells used, choose one

  • Retribution: if you want to farm fast
  • Flicker : make blur
  • Aegis: for extra defense when critical. Useful during critical moments such as team war/teamfight where we want to continue to launch consecutive attacks and don’t want to run away in the middle of a fight.
build item harith mobile legends mvp evos vs rrq

So that’s the build that can be used for Harith’s hero. So, here are tips for playing Harith so that it is MPV.

You can actually watch the video directly. How the evos player plays Harith is very lively, the cool term is “slick”.

Here are tips for playing Harith so that MPV

  • Even though Harith is agile, don’t be too hasty to finish off your opponent. Pay attention to your opponent’s movements and positioning.
  • Harith will be very effective if walking together with friend heroes like Alucard, Masha, or Miya.
  • Use skill 3 during open war because this skill will make the enemy at his wits end to aim at Harith.
  • Keep your distance from the enemy, use skills 1 and 2 for this by going forward and backward.
  • Use hero mode lock on

Video how to play Harith

The final word

If you have other opinions on this build, please write your comments below.

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