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How to Setting the Best PUBG Mobile Control from Player Pro

PUBG player pro control settings for chicken dinner

mrfdn – Different control settings with sensitivity settings.

This control setting is about how your hand controls the game, pressing the buttons on the cellphone screen.

Because this control setting is not locked by the pubg game, then you can set it yourself according to our convenience.

Many pro players use custom layout settings to be more agile in playing games.


There are only two fingers (left and right thumbs), three fingers (left thumb and left index + right thumb) and 4 fingers (both index fingers and both thumbs).

You can also imitate some of their control settings.

The importance of setting control

It is very important for all pubg game players to set game control. The reason is

1. So easy to control
2. Hands don’t hurt
3. Comfortable playing games with a long duration
4. Easy to see enemies
5. Aim is easier
6. Write your own opinion

How to set the best pubg control

If we see pro players playing live on youtube, very often they use 3 finger or 4 finger settings.

First go to settings >> Controls

There are 3 modes.
1. Left movement, right fire (fixed button/default)
2. Left movement, right fire (float button/floating)
3. Left movement fixed, right fire fixed.

You can choose between 1 and 3. If choice 2 is not suitable for all cellphones. setting 2 is only for cellphones that have 3d touch.

3d touch is an innate feature of cellphones which when pressed gently will have no effect, when pressed a little harder it will take effect, whether it’s to shoot or move.

Press the customize button in the lower left corner and start arranging the buttons to your liking.

There are 3 layouts to choose from to save your custom settings, layout 1, 2 and large icons.

My pubg mobile control settings

Which one is better?

Depends on the comfort of each person. I myself use only 3 fingers. Where I put the shoot button on the top left, so that I use my left index finger to shoot enemies. While the right thumb is used for leads and scopes.

But for those of you who want to try 4 fingers, put the scope on the top right. Then try to use your right index finger to press the button. It may be difficult at first to direct the hand, but if you keep practicing it will become smoother later.

For 5 inch 6 inch smartphone users

Can be 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 4 fingers.

If you are a beginner, and its really hard to control your left thumb. Try to put the shoot button on the top left. That way you can play pubg with three fingers at once.

If you feel able to play the right index finger, try keeping lean or scope mode in the upper right. Right next to the map. When entering scope mode, adjust the settings with tap mode. Meanwhile, when entering lean mode (peeking left and right), set the setting to hold.

For users of tablet, ipad, size 7 inch or larger,

Use 2 fingers or 4 fingers, some even up to 6 fingers.

Playing pubg on tablet will be more profitable. This is what youtuber bang alex does. Where he uses an 8-inch iPad tablet. The effect is a wider view, the enemy is seen more clearly on the screen without having to cover your hands.

The best PUBG mobile settings from pro players

Here are some examples of pubg mobile control settings from pro players on youtube. Surely you often see them playing, and maybe curious about how their pubg controls are, here you can try.

1. Settings for PUBG mobile Biu Biu

Biu biu is one of the best pubg mobile pro players from Malaysia. He is known to be good at playing pubg in a bar manner. Biu biu uses 4 fingers and also a gyroscope. At the top right he installed lean (peek left and right) tap mode (tap). So that when pressed it immediately becomes scope mode. This is the main key to being hard to shoot at by the enemy, especially in a bar game.

In playing the game pubg mobile biu-biu using an iphone 8+ cellphone. Here’s a screen shot of pubg settings from YouTube Biu Biu.

control settings pubg mobile player Biu biu

If you want to point him directly to his Instagram @biu1215.

2. PUBG Mobile Coffin settings

Coffin is a professional pubg mobile player who is famous for playing Turkish bars. Coffin uses iphone 8 to play pubg mobile. Iphone 8 is a cellphone that uses 3d touch. So the pubg settings used by coffin are like this.

best pubg mobile control settings for Coffin player

If you want to do it directly, check his Instagram @coffin.gaming

3. PUBG Mobile Panda Settings

Panda is a famous pubg mobile player from Sweden. Panda-pubg mobile youtube channel. Also included in the pro player who plays in bars. But using an ipad. For those who are curious about the pubg settings, please see below.

Best pubg mobile control settings for Panda player – ipad

4. PUBG Mobile EJGaming settings

Ej gaming is a pro pubg mobile player from Indonesia, a member of the evos team. The way to play is the same, namely the bars. This player, who is familiarly called Ej, uses an iPhone 8 plus cellphone. And using 4 fingers in playing pubg assisted with a gyroscope. For those who are curious about the latest settings, bang ej gaming, here is the screen shot.

setting control pubg mobile player EJ gaming Evos.

Note :: Sometimes the pubg settings change.

5. PUBG Benny Moza settings

Benny Moza is a pubg mobile pro player who joined the RRQ team. The player whose ig is @rrq_moza uses 4 fingers.

best pubg mobile control settings for player Benny Moza RRQ

pubg bang benny’s sensitivity setting is medium. The only thing that has changed is the gyroscope as above. He said that if you use a cellphone, the movement is much faster than an ipad, so just use a medium.

The final word

Some examples of pro player control settings above may not be suitable for everyone. All back to their respective tastes.

By setting the game control properly, it will be easier for you to get chicken dinner. Even if you have found the best control setup you can be considered a cheater. You are so agile.

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