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PUBG Mobile Best Vector and UMP9 SMG Comparison

How to use SMG vector and ump9 PUBG Mobile weapons

mrfdn – Ump9 and vector are SMG type weapons. These two weapons are often encountered at the time of the first loot.

Although both are sub machine gun types, they both have differences. Starting in terms of strength, firing rate, number of bullets and ease of use.

This time I want to share the differences between these two weapons. Which is better to use. And what attachments should be used.
If you like using these two weapons, maybe the following tips can be a little petrified, so that you have a chicken dinner.

choose the best smg weapon vector vs ump9

Attachment Vector and UMP9

Both weapons can be attached with attachments.

If used without using any attachments, then ump9 will be better than vector. It’s different if you have a full attachment installed, these two weapons can have a balanced power.


Ump9 has more bullets than vector. The capacity of ump9 bullets is around 30 bullets without the extended attachment, and can reach 40 rounds when using the extended magazine.

While the vector only has 13 bullets without attachments, and will have 25 bullets when fitted with the extended magazine.

Firing speed and firing range

Firing speed or the speed of bullets coming out of vector weapons is greater than ump9.

But the range of bullets to be able to reach the enemy, slightly better at ump9.

So if you meet an enemy with a long enough distance, don’t use vector, because the bullets may be difficult to reach the enemy. Although the firing speed is very fast.

So back to the basics, use SMG weapons for short to medium range weapons only. Do not use SMG in conjunction with sniper weapons like kar98 or awm.


When used to spray down to the enemy. Ump9 has a messier bullet than vector. Although the recoil vector is quite large.

Vector bullets tend to always go straight to the aim.

Attachment recommendations
For ump9, use a x2 or x4 scope because the shooting range is longer.

For vector use red dot or holo is good enough. Because the firing rate is close.

Equip both of them with the extended magazine attachment to add more bullets.

Overall Power

side-by-side-vector-and-um-9-smg-pubg-mobile perbandingan comparison
see the strength after the attachment is attached, it increases, starting from power, recoil, firing speed and capacity.

Due to the large firing rate vector, the damage it causes is also greater than ump9. Even if you meet an enemy who wears level 3 armor at once.

Although ump9 has more bullets. Vector can be an overpowered weapon if it uses a full attack.

The final word

Use SMG as a second weapon, when the main weapon runs out of ammo.

Combinations of SMG weapons are good for use with AR weapons, such as the M416 or AKM.

Leave a comment below if there’s something you’d like to add. Hopefully these tips are useful for those of you who like to use vector or ump9.

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