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Event Lantern Rite Fleeting Colors in Flight di Genshin Impact

It is undeniable that Genshin Impact is still a game that is quite hyped with a consistent community, even with the number of players that continues to grow to this day. This is true because miHoYo as a developer continues to provide various updates for Genshin Impact until the latest Lantern Rite event which has officially started.

One of the interesting parts of the Lantern Rite Festival is the first event called Fleeting Colors in Flight with a variety of new activities and quite interesting prizes. If you are confused about how to solve it, we will try to give you a guide to complete the event. Let's see!

Starting the Event

When you start running the event, you will be asked to complete three World Quests first, which are divided as follows:

The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune:

  • Opening Flameplume Starflowers

Petal-Lit Fish for the Moon

  • Opening The Great Gathering

The Bright-Windowed Lanterns Hide their Shadows

  • Open Wondrous Shadows

Flameplume Starflowers

In this quest, you will be required to make quality fireworks. The trick is to fill in the right parameters for Color, Size, and Height. Here's a guide to getting "Perfect Quality":

The Mountain Clouds Let Down Golden Rain

  1. Medium Flame, Nitpicker, Color
  2. Medium Flame, Nitpicker, Size
  3. Medium Flame, Nitpicker, Size
  4. Low Flame, Tactile Sensitivity, Height
  5. Low Flame, Tactile Sensitivity, Color
  6. Low Flame, Tactile Sensitivity, Color
  7. Low Flame, Tactile Sensitivity, Height

The Silver Night is Full of Stars

  1. Medium Flame, Meticulousness, Size
  2. Medium Flame, Meticulousness, Size
  3. Medium Flame, Tactile Sensitivity, Size

The Great Gathering

You will use a ship called the Waverider and travel from one island to another to destroy the Treasure Hoarders on some of these islands. Quelling Fireworks is marked in the image below and can be interacted with using the buttons in the lower right corner.

While in the Waverider, you are required to save your belongings by defeating all the Treasure Hoarders that get in your way.

While at Midpoint Interception, try to detonate the barrels as close as possible to deal damage. Take the yellow ball around to replenish the boat's stamina.

Wondrous Shadows

For this one quest, it is a bit tricky and requires precision to be able to complete it. But don't worry, we will try to tell you how the "shape" needs to be reached to be able to complete the quest.

  • Censer
  • Ship

When you can get a shape like this. Just turn to the right from the front of the ship, then the shape will be the same as told.

  • Kite

Well, that's our guide to the Fleeting Colors in Flight event at Genshin Impact so you don't get too confused and can finish it quickly. The event runs from January 25 to February 12. So make sure to run it so you don't miss a pretty interesting prize.

Genshin Impact is now available for free on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile (Android and iOS). 

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