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Latest PUBG config 0.16.0 for Samsung A30 Smooth Extreme 60 FPS

Tutorial on installing PUBG 60 FPS Config for Samsung A30 cellphones

mrfdn – The article about the PUBG config I made before. But the config is specifically for the Xiaomi Redmi 4x cellphone and some similar cellphones.

Now I’m using a Samsung A30 cellphone, the config installed may not be the same as the previous config because the settings are different.

config pubg mobile samsung a30 smooth extreme no lag

Previously I’ve also posted about how to set up the PUBG GFX tool for Samsung A30 phones. If you don’t want to bother installing the config, please check the gfx tool settings.

This time I want to give a tutorial on how to install a special config for the Samsung A30 cellphone. Until this tutorial was published, I managed to install the config on PUBG Mobile version 0.16.

Here’s step by step installing the correct PUBG Mobile config on the Samsung A30

1. Open PUBG then do a Reset screen on Graphic settings. Settings >> Graphics >> Reset Screen

2. Disable Samsung’s default Game Launcher settings by: going to the menu Settings >> Advanced Features >> turn off Game Launcher

3. Install the app QuickEdit from playstore to edit the Samsung A30’s default PUBG config file.

4. Download Active.sav PUBG Samsung A30

5. Copy the following PUBG Samsung A30 config

[UserCustom DeviceProfile]

6. Open the Quickedit application then copy the config above, via Quickedit browse and go to the folder internal storage >> android >> data >> com.tencent.ig >> files >> ueagame >> shadow-trackerextra >> shadow-trackerextra >> saved >> config >> android >> then open usercustom.ini

7. Paste under Backup DeviceProfile then give 3 times empty enter below it, roughly what it looks like in the following image.

example of pubg config on samsung 30
make sure the Backup DeviceProfile is at the top, then enter 3 times at the bottom.

8. Still in the Quickedit application, in the UserCustom DeviceProfile section on the cellphone, delete the few lines of code because we have pasted the UserCustom DeviceProfile code specifically for the config.

9. Before exiting, press save to save the usercostom.ini file that we edited earlier.

10. Copy the Active.sav file that was downloaded earlier to the internal storage >> android >> data >> com.tencent.ig >> files >> ue4game >> shadow-trackerextra >> shadow-trackerextra >> saved. The old active.sav file will be overwritten, press confirm.

11. Done.

Now please open your PUBG Mobile game and feel the smooth 60 fps game performance without any lag or frame drops again.

Notes ::
It is important to disable the Samsung A30’s Game Launcher feature because if the application runs, it will crash with the config settings that we have installed.

Hope it is useful. 🙂

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