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Before You Buy Pokemon Legends Arceus Here's What to Look For

It doesn't feel like the day after tomorrow we will have the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus which is arguably the most ambitious series in the franchise. Carrying a gameplay concept that is quite different from all previous series, this game is indeed present as an experimental series that can end up with praise or criticism, depending on how solid the new concept is trying to offer before it deserves to be used as a long-term standard.

Of course, the great enthusiasm and inviting promotional trailer footage cannot be used as a benchmark for the quality of the game, especially if you are a selective gamer before deciding to buy a game that is worth getting. Therefore, in this article, we have summarized some important information that you should know before buying Pokemon Legends Arceus so you don't end up regretting it.

Feel More "Open-World"

Since it was first announced, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has given a pretty strong impression of an open-world game. This is not entirely wrong, because from the details shared, the players can indeed explore with a wider scope of play. Even so, the map design in the game has some restrictions that require players to carry out a series of missions from the hub in order to gain access to new areas.

This means that from the start the players are not immediately given absolute freedom to explore the entire map from end to end because as we mentioned earlier, there are some restrictions that must be observed. The concept can be likened to franchises like Monster Hunter, where you have to go through a series of missions before you can explore new areas and face more dangerous monsters.

In this series, you will also be brought back on a new adventure in Sinnoh, the iconic region of Pokemon Gen 4 which this time has been explored again by taking the set in the old era. Because there is no influence from modern civilization, players will get a rare picture of a Pokemon game that feels more traditional and dominated by a wild setting.

Another Difference Compared to the Previous Series

Apart from the wider and free exploration, the most striking difference from Pokemon Legends Arceus is also in the gameplay itself. Although the main foundation of combat is still a turn-based system, this time players are given the ability to move more freely in the playing area. There are no transitions that place players in a different arena, as they can now fight and catch Pokemon anywhere.

Your character can now also perform action maneuvers such as rolling to avoid Pokemon attacks, using special Poke Balls as weapons against bosses, and much more. In essence, this game offers many new elements that make it very different from the previous series, so fans can certainly anticipate the sensation of playing a more fresh game.

New Pokemon

Each series must always bring new Pokemon, not least with Pokemon Legends Arceus who has confirmed some cool Pokemon that players can meet along with their adventures. Some of these Pokemon already include Kleavor, the Hisuian variant for some classic Pokemon, as well as new evolutionary variants of the old Pokemon. The two that caught our attention the most are the Hisuian variants for Zorua and Zoroark, both of which this time are dominated by white which is a contrast to their classic form. There are not many details shared regarding the legendary Pokemon, but if you refer to the title it is certain that players will be reunited with Arceus.

Sales Bundle

For the sales bundle, Pokemon Legends Arceus will be marketed in two versions, namely the physical version and the digital version only. Both are standard priced at USD 59.99, but the difference is in the pre-order bonuses that players can get. Especially for the physical version, the bonus it offers is in the form of a Hisuian Growlithe Kimono costume set and a Baneful Fox mask, while the digital version bonus is still the same but there are additional 30 Heavy Balls for the initial purchase.

That's a complete collection of details and information that can be considered before you are ready to buy Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hopefully, this new series can answer expectations and be able to offer a more memorable Pokemon gaming experience.

Can't wait for the game? Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released on Nintendo Switch on January 28 this week.

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