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6 Hero Counter Karina Tank Most Powerful

The presence of the Karina Tank meta makes the public even more restless! All because of Aura High who used this meta in  MPL Season 8. It's a bit unreasonable when Hero Assassin is used to build a tank, but the damage is still very painful. You could say, the build for Karina is almost perfect. In addition to its large damage, the level of defense is also high.

It's not that this meta doesn't have a counter, does it! The thing is in Mobile Legends there are many heroes who can break Karina's strength in matches.

Hero Counter Karina Tank Mobile Legends

1. X.Borg

Basically, X.Borg is a pretty strong early Hero. DPS attacks from it can drain the enemy's blood massively. To fight the Karina tank, you can build X.Borg with Athena Shield or Immortality. These two items can make Karina struggle to conquer X.Borg while she is constantly being damaged.

The point is when using X.Borg, don't hesitate to activate the ultimate when the gauge is full. Because Karina is an Assassin with minimal mobility, she can't dash like Lancelot or Ling. So it's quite easy for X.Borg to kill Karina with his combo skill.

2. Lapu-Lapu

If you want to fight hard, Lapu-Lapu is the right solution to conquer Karina. The burst damage and high endurance make Lapu-Lapu have the capacity when dealing with Karina. However, its use cannot be arbitrary, because certain moments will make Lapu-Lapu superior when dealing with Karina tanks.

When we have the ultimate, we know that nothing can stop Lapu-Lapu in the match. His endurance also increases in this phase. Don't hesitate to activate the ultimate when the Karina tank appears on your lane. The reason is, Karina's close-range attacks will be the advantage of Lapu-Lapu whose attacks are not too far away.

 3. Lunox

If the endurance battle is still not effective, use a Hero that has burst damage like Lunox. Through his purple Ulti , Lunox can kill Karina even though he already has the Athena Shield. Keep in mind, the level of damage from Lunox is based on the HP of the enemy, therefore Lunox is very effective against Karina with a build tank.

Moreover, there is a yellow Ulti that can make Lunox immune from all kinds of attacks. If you have lost to a superior level, you have to be smart in using Lunox's power to deal with Karina. Especially for this ultimate, if it's original, yes, it's the same as being the target of Karina in the match.

4. Kaja

Assassins who don't have high immune or escaping skills are definitely Kaja's food. The Flicker plus ultimate combo is guaranteed to kill Karina's tank. Towards the mid-game, if you use Kaja, you have to be diligent in joining the team fight and locking the Karina tank. Because Karina's power spike is in that phase, you really have to focus on her.

Given that Karina tank is a jungler, you can hide in the bushes where Karina's path is for farming. But to do this, you have to be diligent in checking the mini-map to find out the duration of the appearance of the buff monster. That way you can know when to rotate to ganking Karina.

5. Eudora

Although it is rarely used, this hero is certainly very effective in killing the opponent's core very easily.

As a hero who has high mobility, Karina will definitely roam to the top lane and bottom lane.

Therefore, Eudora can pick off easily when the hero doesn't realize Eudora's presence is waiting in the bush and immediately uses the combo he has.

6. Chou

Again, the right choice of Hero to fight Karina is the one who has crowd control. It must be admitted that if not stunned, Karina can move freely to kill you. Therefore the use of Heroes like Chou is continued to deal with Karina.

There is a slight difficulty when using Chou to counter the Karina tank, which is about targeting. Because when team fight Karina is not a front-man who can be easily targeted. His job is only to do the completion if there is a deadly enemy. Therefore, when using Chou, as much as possible you use the Hero lock mode so that the skill is not in vain.

So far, the most effective Hero against Karina is still held by the role fighter or mage. Even then, not all heroes can be used. Only those who have certain specifications can be used against Karina tanks. Even if you use thick heroes like Tigreal or Khufra under certain conditions Karina can't be stopped.

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