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Latest Skill Revamp Faramis Mobile Legends

The Latest Leaks of Faramis' Revamp Skills in Mobile Legends, Really OP!

The news of the Faramis revamp has been circulating since last year, the revamp is rumored to be present in 2022, but the month of its presence has not been confirmed.

Previously, there were officially some skill changes. And recently, one of the leakers has provided a more detailed leak of Faramis revamp skills.

  • Passive

There's no need to kill because now passive can be obtained from giving damage skills to opponents, for example with skill 1. And of course, with this, it's easier for Faramis to get passive to live faster.

  • Skill 1

Skill 1 which previously could not be withdrawn before the skill time ran out, in its revamp this skill 1 can be reused to attract opponents for the duration of the skill, and can also penetrate walls like Hanzo's skill (previously it could not penetrate walls).

This skill also gives Faramis a little regen when passing his partner.

  • Skill 2

Skill 2 is still the same, which gives fan-shaped damage to the area in front of Faramis, but now gives a fairly large heal to Faramis.

  • Ultimate

When used Faramis will give the surrounding Nether Realm area (seen in the picture) and make teammates will enter Specter mode, where teammates will get a movement speed buff and an additional set of HP. No longer opening an altar, but moving along with Faramis.

And when Faramis finished clearing his Nether Realm, his partner would also quit Specter mode.

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